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Debate and the liberal arts experience

At a liberal arts school you will get unique educational benefits, such as small class size and a broad education. Debate's emphasis on critical thinking and research help you to succeed in the many academic programs that Augustana has to offer. Augustana is an excellent choice if you are deciding between majors because of the many academic programs and areas of concentration offered by the College.

Focus on the student-debater

At Augustana, our goal is to help students get the most out of their time here and to graduate in four years with a realistic and exciting post-college plan. Strong emphasis is placed on putting education first and using debate as an extracurricular activity to improve yourself and your academic life. The team wants to work with you to ensure that you succeed as a debater, student and person.

Individualized coaching

Our program's emphasis is on the needs of the students, and we travel to tournaments that provide many opportunities to be competitive. Being part of a liberal arts program gives you more attention from the coaching staff, flexibility in scheduling travel to tournaments and a closer sense of community amongst members of the team. The previous experiences of Augustana's coaching staff gives debaters an opportunity to take part in exciting and innovative research and practice that helps students compete at the highest levels.

Opportunities to travel

Debate travels throughout the region (Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Ohio) and the nation (Idaho, Nevada and Texas). We also travel to national championship tournaments in the novice, junior varsity and open divisions (NDT, CEDA, National Junior Division Debate Tournament). These tournaments provide an excellent opportunity to network with other students and faculty across the nation. All travel costs are financed by the team's budget.

Scholarship opportunities

We have $2,500 talent scholarships for debate that are renewable for up to four years. This money can be packaged as part of a merit or financial need scholarship package from the College.


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