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Jane Tiedge is the Coordinator of International Student Life. She received her B.A. in Religion and History from Augustana and has worked at the college since 1992. During her time at Augustana she has been the Program Coordinator for the Freistat Center for Studies in World Peace and the Associate Director of the Office for International and Off-Campus Programs Office.

Jane has spent time in Greece, China, Japan, India, Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, Austria, and Spain. As the Coordinator for International Student Services, her responsibilities include international student orientation, immigration issues, cultural and campus programming, academic advising, mentoring international students and visiting international faculty, as well as international programming on campus such as the International Food Festival. Jane is the advisor for the Club Chargers (Augustana's Soccer Club), and the International Student Club.

She is married, and has three grown children, a granddaughter and a grandson as well as two dogs.

Office location: Room 418 on the fourth floor of the Center for Student Life


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