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iMovie '09 Editing - Exploring the Interface

Event Library This is where your raw footage goes. All raw footage is available at all times. That means that if you are sharing a computer, anyone who is using the computer will be able to view and use your footage in their own project. This also means that the footage is separate from the project. Make sure that you know exactly where your footage is saved!

Project Library – This is where all of the individual video projects are accessed in iMovie ’09. There is no need to save your projects as the program does this automatically.

Button for fullscreen preview in iMovieFull Screen Preview
Button to preview in viewerPreview in Viewer

To Edit Project

  1. Select project
  2. Click on Edit Project Arrow
  3. Proceed to editing project

To create a folder

This allows you to organize your projects. You can also use folders to separate your projects from others on a shared computer.

  1. Right click (ctrl + click) in project library
  2. Choose new folder
  3. Drag existing projects to that folder

To Duplicate Project

This allows you to have multiple copies of a project, so that you can edit on or both differently

  1. Right Click (Ctrl + click) on Project
  2. Select “Duplicate”

Deleting a Project

  1. Right Click (ctrl + click) on project library
  2. Choose “Move Project to Trash”
  3. To delete all footage off computer, right click the event and choose “Move Event to Trash” – Deleted footage is put in the computer’s main Trash bin.