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Creating Forms in Word 2011 (Mac Version)

Creating Forms (using content controls)

Text Boxes, Combo Boxes (Drop-Down Boxes), Changing Properties, and Protecting Forms

 Enabling Developer Tab

In order to make a form in Word 2011 you need to have the Developer Tab enabled in your ribbon. To do this:
Step 1: Go to the "Word" Menu and choose "Preferences"
Step 2: Click on "Ribbon" Under the "Personal Settings" Section

Go to: Preferences, Personal Settings, Ribbon
Step 3: Under the "Customize" section there is a scrolling list; click on the box next to "Developer"

Developer Checkbox in Preferences

Add Content Controls

Step 1: Design the form by sketching a layout first, or use an existing form as a guide. In your form, you can add content controls, tables, and other graphics elements.
Step 2: Make sure to click where you want to insert the control

Insert a Text Field

On the Developer tab, in the Form Controls group, click the Text Box control or the Insert Frame Control.Text Box option, in the Form Controls Group, in the Developer Tab

Insert a Drop-Down List

Step 1: On the Developer tab, in the Form Controls group, click the Combo Box control.

Combo Box option, Form Controls, Developer Tab
Step 2: Click on Options

Options, Form Controls, Developer Tab
Step 3: To create a list of choices, type each option in the text field under "Drop-Down List item" and click Add.

Drop Down Form Field Options
Step 4: Repeat this step until all of the choices are in the drop-down list.

Note: To reorder the options, simply select the option you want to move and click on the up or down arrows to the side. To remove an option, select it and click "Remove."

Change the Content Control Properties

Step 1: Right-click (ctrl + click) the content control that you want to change.
Step 2: Click Properties, and change the properties that you want.

Protecting a Form

Once you have finished your form, you will want to protect it so that only the fields that you have created are editable. To do this, click on the "Protect Form" button in the Form Controls group.