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Printing Preferences in Excel 2011 (Mac)

Printing Preferences

Page orientation, print gridlines, and repeat column headings on each page

Page Orientation

1) Go to the Layout tab

2) Go to the Page Setup group

3) Click on Orientation and choose Portrait or Landscape

Note: Worksheets are set to print as Portrait by default.  If you print out your worksheet and you can't fit all of your columns on 1 sheet of paper, try to change the page layout to Landscape to give you more printing room.  

Print Gridlines

1) Go to the Layout tab

2) Go to the Print group

3) Check the box next to Gridlines

How to Repeat Column Headings on Each Page

1) Go to the Layout tab

2) Go to the Print group

3) Click on Repeat Titles (the "Page Setup" window will open)

4) Type in the rows and columns that you would like to repeat at the top


If you would like to have the first row repeat on every printed page, you would type in $1:$1, because you want row 1 ($1) to (:) row 1 ($1) to repeat.

Similarly, if you would like both columns A and B to print on every sheet, you would type in $A:$B, because you want column A ($A) to (:) column B ($B) to repeat.