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How to Access Network Drives

Logging Onto the Network

Computers that are configured (have all the necessary settings) to the campus network will prompt you to provide your username and password to log on to the network. Enter your username where indicated and your password where indicated. Be sure to type both your username and password exactly as they were set up.

NOTE: Your password will appear in asterisks for security reasons.

If you have logged on successfully, you can see the drives mentioned in Network Drives by opening "My Computer" or "Windows Explorer."

If you receive a message that your account has been locked, contact the Help Desk at x7293 to unlock your account. Primarily this happens because of errors while entering the password. If the network detects several attempts to log on with errors, it will automatically initiate an "intruder lock out" to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

You may contact the Help Desk in Olin 102 if you find it necessary to change your password at any point during the year. Under Windows you can do so yourself by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del and clicking "Change Password". You may also change your password by going to and click on Change your password.

Logging Off The Network

In the lower left corner of your desktop, click on the "Start" button. Notice just above the start button there is an option: "Log off (and your username)." Highlight that option and another window will appear that will ask you if you are sure you want to log off; simply answer "yes."