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Summer reading for incoming first-year students

Questions to keep in mind while you read

Options for your essay

Each year at Augustana, all incoming first-year students read a common book during the summer prior to their arrival on campus as an initiation into the college's intellectual community.

The Augie Reads book at Augustana also is integrated into the First Year academic program. All liberal studies classes taught in the fall term use the book as part of the curriculum. Fall programming related to the book occurs on campus. Augie Reads offers a commonly shared experience between students, faculty, and staff.

The faculty who teach "Liberal Studies First Year (LSFY) 101:  Rhetoric and the Liberal Arts" have selected Kazuo Ishiguro's novel, Never Let Me Go, as this year's Augie Summer Read. This dystopian, sci-fi novel raises ethical questions about the complicated dilemmas that sometimes emerge from scientific advances.

You can buy the novel when you come to campus for Summer Connection. You'll receive a reading guide AND a short writing assignment during your Summer Connection event. (The guide and assignment also are available through the links in the gray box above.) You will read the book over the summer and bring the book and your paper to campus in the Fall.

The librarians at the Tredway Library have compiled a web guide, organized by theme, that may help you as you consider the issues raised in the novel and begin your writing assignment.

(Spoiler alert! The web guide reveals some aspects of the plot that you may prefer to discover as you read; if you would like to be surprised, do not access the guide until after you read Part One and Part Two (through p. 203).)

During Fall Connection, you will attend a faculty panel discussion about the book, and participate in a discussion with your LSFY 101 classmates led by your LSFY 101 professor. You will turn in the paper to your professor on the first day of class. The paper will be used as part of writing instruction in the first few weeks of class, so it is your first college homework assignment.

This book is a compelling read. The LSFY 101 faculty look forward to analyzing it with you, and the rest of the class of 2017.

Note: If you choose to purchase the book elsewhere, please be sure to buy the proper edition using this ISBN: 978-1-4000-7877-6