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Our Residence Halls

Our residence halls are dynamic learning laboratories that complement the academic experience. Our most important goal is to prepare students to live well-adjusted lives once they graduate. This is accomplished through ongoing educational programming, individual counseling and mentoring, and a variety of leadership opportunities.

Although living on campus is vastly different from home, we strive to provide a supportive and comfortable setting. Residents are encouraged to personalize their rooms with favorite items from home. Small refrigerators and microwaves can be privately purchased, while games, videos and recreational equipment can be checked out at our service desks. Laundry, storage and lounge areas are available in each hall. Access to the campus network and Internet is available in every student room and wireless ports are located in most common areas.

A comprehensive security system is in place. In addition to community security awareness campaigns, our service desk is staffed beginning at noon in Westerlin Residence Center and on a nightly basis in our other halls. In addition, card access at the main door and wing entries, unduplicatable room keys, automatic door closers, and routine security tours of the buildings offer a high-degree of community protection.

Social activities are regularly scheduled. Enjoy pizza parties, community gatherings, cookouts, sports tournaments, holiday celebrations, movie nights, contests, service projects and some special campus and hall traditions.

All first-year and sophomore residential students are assigned to one of the following campus residence halls:

Andreen Hall

Erickson Residence Center

Seminary Hall

Swanson Commons

Westerlin Residence Center