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Emergency instructions

The City of Rock Island and Augustana College use sirens to indicate emergencies on or near campus. Here's what to do if you hear a siren.

1) FIRE ALARM: Evacuate the building in a calm and orderly fashion

2) TORNADO SIREN: (community and campus-based sirens will sound). Seek shelter in your building

3) ON-CAMPUS SIREN: TURN ON YOUR CELL PHONE, follow instructions

E2campus subscribers will receive text messages related to the emergency via cell phone and/or e-mail. To receive e2campus text message alerts, complete the online registration form. The system is offered to all students and college employees free of charge.

To evacuate:

Familiarize yourself with primary and alternate evacuation routes (see maps posted in your building).

Bring supplies as needed: cell phone, flashlight, coat, etc.

Close your room door and turn out lights as you leave.

IF YOU SMELL GAS, open windows and doors. Do not turn on or off any appliances or lights.

Assemble at a designated location

Report names of residents remaining in the building to Augustana staff or emergency personnel.

Re-enter the building only after an “all clear” signal is given by emergency personnel or E2Campus text or email message.



To find shelter:

Bring supplies as needed: cell phone, flashlight, etc.

If a shelter is not previously indicated, remain in your room and lock your door. In case of a tornado, move to an interior room or hall on the lowest floor. Stay away from windows and sit on the floor with your arms protecting your neck and head.

Do NOT open windows if tornados are in the area. Open windows allow damaging wind into the building.

A TORNADO or THUNDERSTORM WATCH means conditions are favorable for severe weather. A TORNADO or THUNDERSTORM WARNING means a tornado or thunderstorm has been sighted or indicated by radar. Move to a shelter.



Go indoors.

Lock your door, close windows and blinds and stay in your room, away from windows and doors.

Call 9-911 if you have information such as missing students or staff, a sighting of the intruder, injuries, etc.

Remain in place until the “All Clear”
signal is given.