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Meal Plans and Viking Dollars

Meal plans can be used in The Gerber Center for Student Life and in select locations for meal bundles.  You can use Viking Bucks in The Gerber CSL dining center, campus snack bar, coffee house, or convenience store. 

Meal plan changes can be made during the first two weeks of each term at the Dining Service Administrative Office on the fifth floor of The Gerber Center for Student Life, or contact us at 309-794-7543 or 309-794-7250. All meal plan are non-refundable

Meal Plan 2016-2017

Plan Meals per week Viking Bucks per term Cost per term Cost per year
Gold Plan Unlimited ~ Unlimited Gerber CSL visits $25 $1,750 $5250
Full 19 0 $1,653 $4959
Any 15 15 $75 $1,653 $4959
Any 12 12 $125 $1,653 $4959
Off-campus plans Meals per week Viking Bucks per term Cost per term Cost per year
Any 10 10 0 $850 $2550
Any 75 *75 meals $150 $850 $2550
Any 90 *90 meals $75



Viking Bucks No Meals $500.00

$500 Minimum Purchase


~ The Gold Unlimited Plan - This plan provides unlimited access to The Gerber CSL, all-you-can-eat dining center, seven days per week during operating hours. Plus 3 guest meal passes per term and $25 in Viking bucks per term. Since this plan provides unlimited swipes in The Gerber CSL, meal bundles and to-go meals are not part of this plan.  All board meals must be taken within The Gerber CSL, Viking bucks can be used at all other dining locations.

*Meals and Viking bucks roll over term to term during the 2016-2017 academic year, but expire on the Monday after commencement.

An additional block of 25 meals for $250.00 may be added to any off campus plan.

Service dates

Meal service begins Flex Dollar issue date Meal service ends w/dinner Service black-out dates
Fall 2016


August 21

August 21 November 3

Nov. 4 - Nov. 12

Winter 2016


November 13

November 13 February 16

Nov. 24 - Nov. 26

Dec. 17 - Jan. 8

Feb. 16 - March 5

Spring 2016


March 8

March 8 May 22

April 14 - April 17

May 21 end of term

Meal weeks, meal periods

1. The meal week begins with breakfast on Sunday and ends with dinner on Saturday.

2. Meal plan counts reset at Sunday breakfast for all dining plans.

Viking Dollars

Viking bucks can be used in any Augustana dining establishment on campus. They also may be used at the football stadium for food and beverage purchases. Viking bucks go on your Augustana I.D. card. You just swipe your card and the purchase is deducted from your balance.

Viking bucks can be reloaded at any time during the school year by contacting the dining office.

Viking Bucks

Amount Price per $ Discount
$10-$190 $1.00 -
$200-$390 $0.95 5%
$400-$590 $0.93 7.5%
$600 or more $0.90 10%

Important Viking Bucks information

1. Once Viking bucks have been issued, they cannot be reduced or refunded

2. Unused Viking bucks will roll over between fall term and winter term, and from winter term to spring term.

3. At the end of the spring term, on the Monday after commencement, all unused Viking bucks will expire.

4. Due to the open availability of food items, only those who have paid may enter The Gerber Center for Student Life dining center.