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Campus Ministries Student Leadership Team

Phidlynn Augustin

"Campus Ministries has enabled me to make amazing friends on campus who are also strong in their faith. The people I have met, have been so outgoing and accepting, is it impossible to not want to be a part of something like it. I also love how it does not matter who the person is or where they come from to be accepted by the people involved with Campus Ministries."

— Phidlynn Augustin '15

Lauren Baker

"Campus Ministries helps coordinate exciting and different ways to grow, expand, and solidify your faith. Everyone that participates in the faith-related activities here on campus is so friendly, encouraging, and open-minded. Campus Ministries is a place where you come and feel like you are at home."

Lauren Baker '16

Grant Bell

"Campus Ministries gives us the opportunity to come together from all over campus and share in fellowship with one another and with Christ. Through Campus Ministries I have the opportunity to meet new people and have an awesome time and make an impact in the lives of students." 

— Grant Bell '15

Andrew Beveroth '16

"I feel like it is great privilege to be a part of the Leadership Team. The entire faith community here on campus is like one close family that is very close to one another. Being a part of the Leadership team, we work to grow that family close and to encompass even more people, while growing the faith of all. So it is very special to be a part of this team."

—Andrew Beveroth '16

Sarah Colette

"Campus Ministries has made such a huge difference in my experience here at Augustana. I can't wait to be a part of the Leadership Team and start a new journey in my faith and make an impact on campus."

Sarah Colette '15


I am really excited to be getting involved in Campus Ministries here on campus. It is just another way for me to stay connected with God and meet some amazing people while I am here. I cannot wait for all the memories that will be made throughout these next several years through all of the Thursday lunches, retreats, and camp-outs!

— Molly Etheridge '14


“Campus Ministries is a community of enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who strive to make a difference at Augustana and beyond. I am excited about joining with others and share abilities and having a good time at activities.” 

— Jake Gaier '14

Mike Guidotti

"Throughout the course of my college career so far, Campus Ministries has played a big part in being somewhat of a second home. I have experienced many ways to express my spirituality here and personally for me, I have found a great sense of community with the Catholic Ministries on campus. I look forward to helping and serving my community!"

Mike Guidotti '16


"The biggest thing that has stuck out to me about Campus Ministries is the love and acceptance the people in this group show to each and every person that comes into contact with them. They show this love not only to their fellow students and professors, but to the community as well. Everyone I've met from Campus Ministries has such a welcoming spirit and such a loving, passionate heart. It inspires me to pass this love, God's love, onto everyone in my life as well." 

— Brittany Hite '14

Jamie Hochmuth

"I love the way that Campus Ministries works to unite Augustana and make it a better place for everyone. I cannot wait to be a part of the team that makes that happen!" 

— Jamie Hochmuth '16


“I am looking forward to participating in Campus Ministries sponsored events and the opportunity to work with others. I am excited to contribute towards others sharing in all that Campus Ministries has to offer!” 

— Vatina McLaurin '14

“Campus Ministries is a place where anyone and everyone is welcome. It makes no difference of your hometown or religious background – you will be welcomed at Campus Ministries. I am honored to be on the leadership team.” 

— Eric Pitts '14

Becky Potenberg

"Campus Ministries gave me the opportunity to formulate lifelong relationships from the very start. This community on campus offers the resources you need to accept yourself and grow in your own spiritual maturity as you share the love of Christ with others. Here exists a network of individuals that live out a life driven by Christ." 

— Becky Potenberg '15

Whitney Sampleton

"It is such an honor to be part of Campus Ministries. I knew that I wanted to stay spiritually centered but I was not sure how that would happen on a college campus. Then I got an e-mail about a Campus Ministries campout and from that point on, you could say I was hooked. I've been to many Campus Ministries events, just about everything, and I can honestly say it is time well spent." 

— Whitney Sampleton '16

Annie Schone

"Campus Ministries has given me so many great opportunities for worship and Christian fellowship throughout my first year of school. In fact, I began my Augie experience by meeting some of my best friends on the Campus Ministries campout. I am truly honored to be able to join the leadership team this coming year, and I look forward to representing Christ on campus!"

— Annie Schone '15

Anna Walsh

"The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful opportunity to spread the joy of God. Being inolved in Campus Ministries not only gives me a chance to help my fellow classmates to see Christ, but it also gives me an oportunity to spread God's ideals in my everyday actions. Through Campus Ministries I will show that nothing is better than having the Lord by your side." 

— Anna Walsh '16