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From left to right: Sister Bobbi Bussan, Catholic Ministries Coordinator; Connie Huntley, Secretary; Pastor Richard Priggie, Chaplain; Pastor Kristen Glass Perez, Chaplain; Larry Peterson, Director of Music.

Pastor Richard Priggie, Chaplain
(309) 794-7213

"One of the special gifts of an Augustana education is the invitation for you to grow spiritually as well as personally and intellectually.  That gives me the privilege and joy of getting to know you in many contexts, from worship to retreat to service opportunity.  One of the most enjoyable things I get to do is teach a class for first-year students each Spring Term called The Soul of Harry Potter, which is all about reading Harry Potter at a deeper level.  We even have a weekend retreat at a castle!" 

Pastor Kristen Glass PerezChaplain
(309) 794-7430

"In Campus Ministries, we have an opportunity to provide multiple ways for members of the Augustana Community to connect with their faith and their community. That "connecting" happens in a variety of ways including worship, Bible study, community service, retreats and other trips, eating together, practicing yoga, praying together, or exploring Interfaith partnerships. Sometimes, the most important thing we do to build relationships in Campus Ministries is to 'just hang out' with each other! It is an honor to work with students from all areas of campus. I am delighted to serve as one of the chaplains at Augustana and can't wait to meet you!"

Sister Bobbi Bussan, OSB, Coordinator of Catholic Ministries
(309) 794-7272

"I have been a part of Campus Ministries and the leadership team since August 2012. It is a really great experience working with the staff and students. I love the ecumenical atmosphere that really brings us together in faith. It is a privilege for me to serve the Catholic students and provide for their sacramental needs. Sunday Mass is awesome and the student choir and ministers provide for an uplifting worship experience. it is really energizing to be a part of Augustana."

Larry Peterson, Director of Music
(309) 794-7836

"I graduated from Augustana in 1982 (that makes me a real "super-senior") and am a native of the QC area. My Masters degree is from the Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY. I've been leading church services since the age of 12 and have since served parishes in Texas, Minnesota and Iowa. The joy of my duties is working with the wide array of talented student musicians. There is nothing routine about the music at each campus worship service."

Connie Huntley, Secretary
(309) 794-7213

"I absolutely love my job here as executive secretary in the office of Campus Ministries at Augustana College. I have been a part of the Campus Ministries team since September 2003.  I feel very blessed to be a part of such a wonderful, caring group and being able to work with our Leadership Team and other students on campus - Augustana students are all fantastic!"