Basil H. Molineaux Diaries

December 5th, 1865 - January 22nd, 1866 diary transcription

December 5 1865
Mobile alabama
at Acadamy of Music last

6th Decbr
Wrote Mother short letter.

Wrote to Tho* [illeg. Thomas?] A. Brown
23 Stewart St. Providence R.I.

The first Cold day Windy
too. Winter begins Sure on
Attinor **[illeg. an?] Odd Fellow Hall Concert Musical + Dancing

Clear + Cold this morning
Ice in the water pail. I had
a fire built for the first of
Season in my office
Recd Letter from A.A.G.

I wrote a few lines to Mother.
have been down Town and
I feel considerably better. Some
others feel more how come
you so + *ote [illeg. eote, cote?]
Oh, well cold weather

sent the Times of 16th to G.F.L.

Transcription by Social Studies Students at Rock Island High School

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