Basil H. Molineaux Diaries

October 6th - 19th, 1865 diary transcription

October 6th 1865
Wrote short (1/2 sheet) to
nother to Balt.[Baltimore] to day
sent a white rose in it

Oct 11th
Sick again, taken night of the
10th with severe pain in abdomen
and continued ["through" crossed out] all this
day, took a mixture and throwed
it up also caster oil which of
course came up so soon as I
swallowed it got easier during
night of 11th night

I am in the office today al-
though very lone + lonely
rced [received] one Peoria paper
to day from George F. Lobauch

14th Oct
I am here in this house
Four months this day
mailed a letter to Jono
Moore Logausfh Indy [line illeg.]
weather cool and pleasant
I have a bad cold in Head.

Transcription by Social Studies Students at Rock Island High School

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