Basil H. Molineaux Diaries

July 18th - August 19th, 1865 diary transcription

Tuesday 18th July 1865
This morning before breakfast
I discovered in the morning
paper 3 advertised letters
for G.D.M. and now
later have perused them
one each from Father Mother + Sister
Peoria. All well good news.

Have mailed letter
to Father Peoria Ills

Wrote + mailed letter to
Bro G.F. Lobach Peoria

Recieved letter from Bro Geo.
dated 14th July.

Rced [received] Two letters, one from
W.H.L. and one from Mother
both advertised another from G.F.L. 29th [illeg.]
wrote to day mailed
later. At work all day
at Com [command?] of Muster office.

Transcription by Social Studies Students at Rock Island High School

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