Basil H. Molineaux Diaries

July 3rd - 15th, 1865 diary transcription

Monday July 3rd
I passed a miserable night
no Sleep at all, busy to day,
but I am troubled more
than any day yet with this
disease. awful Torment.

July 4th
Big dinner at this Hosp. [hospital]
Celebrated by the darkies
4 killed in the park
I did not leave
office all day

July 8th
admitted 15 Rebel Prisoners
Sick from Point Lookout md*[illeg.]

July 9th 1865
Very warm day, to busy to
get to church. I get no
letters or word from any source
Henry Keeun rced [received] letter from Chicago
through the Regt. [regiment] this morning

Wrote Phebe at
Peoria Ill. to night

Transcription by Social Studies Students at Rock Island High School

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