Basil H. Molineaux Diaries

June 13th - 19th, 1865 diary transcription

Kept me awake all night
I procured a bottle of Wine
Said to be Blackberry. which
has helped my diarreah.
taken another bitter powder
this morning. I am sick
too sick to hold my head
up. so have reclined and
dozed and been in a queere
state of feeling all day
feeling better 4 P.M. and
walked down to the Doctors
had a good chat about Balt. [Baltimore]
+ etc. and he gave me pre fin [prescription?]
of sulpek [sulfuric?] acid + etc.
10 drops in 2 Tablespoons Water
3 times a day.

Met on my way Billy Leisenly
Hd qns [headquarters] work leave before to
morrow. Capt Beddo gave
me Introductory to the Peace

Wednesday June 14th
I entered the Marine Hospitl [hospital]
(U.S. ****.)[illeg.] as a patient

Transcription by Social Studies Students at Rock Island High School

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