Basil H. Messler Diaries

December 1st - 9th, 1864 diary transcription

Dec 1st was relived of all Duty and requested to rest at least two weeks By order of Capt C.B.Wells C.S. and I then went to Dr. Spear and got some pills and he Prescribed 3 wine glasses of Sherry Wine every day which was no disagreeable.

2 resting and taking Medicine according to order

3 rather worse of the wear considerable of Pain in my head caused from the affects of the wine 3 Glasses Proved to be too much so I had to taper off some

4 Feeling tolerabe[sic] good rote a letter to Sister in the Morning and Receved[sic] one from her while writing So also visited By Brother Jake who was feeling good when he started to camp I under took to walk along with him But soon failed and had to return to my room rote some more and put the remander[sic] of the day in laying round &C..

5 Went to the Hospitle in the Morning and had a talk with Maj Stratton and in the afternoon I wet[sic] to the Hospitle to try its Virtues for a Season gave my age name Post Office address Rank whether Married or Single and what I wanted engraved on my Toom[sic] Stone and the word ware as follows Here Lay B.H. Messler no one Laugh nor no one cries Ware he has gone & how he fairs No one knows no no one cares..

6 Tuesday Comenced on The New issue of Pills another Peck if I could stand it was assined[sic] me so I thought best to commence taking them over my Shoulder in the start as it had to be some time so over my shoulder they went

7 More Pills Huge Box 16 in it a Long Breath I then drew an Increase of 4 in 24 Hours

8 The same continued which ment[sic] more Pills I walke[sic] down to the commissary and took Dinner

9 Pills to be continued only double the Doses and take them every 3 hours in stead of every 4 &C.. Call on the Post Doctors and had a sadisfactory[sic] chat &C..

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