Basil H. Messler Diaries

July 26th - August 6th, 1864 diary transcription

July 26 Tuesday in camp writing Letters during the day one to Brother M.B.M. one to Miss M.P.Howe to Miss A.H.G. Nothing of importance took plase during the day went on Picket at 7 P.M. was relieved at 9 P.M. and retired.

(27) Wednes morning 27 aroused at 3 A.M. went on Post and was relieved at 5 A.M. and had my Breakfast and Dinner brought to me and took a Buggy ride out of the lines at 3 P.M. and got Melons Cucmbers Tomatoes & Milk and returned to resume squad at 5 P.M. My first Buggy ride in La. accompanied by Negro Jim was relieved at 7 P.M. and returned to Camp The Boats had all come down from Memphis during the day The Raine & Fairchild had a colition[sic] while landing considerable damage done The Boats ware Fired on at Sunny Side By Three pieces of artilery[sic] considerable damage done to the F.Ch &C..

28 Thursday 28 in Camp had a nise rain Bow this morning and a nise shower and it is a good time to sleep and I Tied it on &C.. and then I comenced writing for amusement &C.. helped to get dinner and was enominated[sic] for mess cook an elected By unamimus vote by acclamation.

29 Friday Spent the day in writing Letters I wrote a Letter to cousin H.G. Mr. W.L. and done the cooking for the Mess

30 Saturday done the cooking for the Mess

31st Sunday " " " " " " "

Aug.1st Monday " " " " " "

" 2nd Tuesday " " " " " "

" 3rd Wednesday " " " " " " and went out Buggy " riding in Co with Wm Buris's and other a Hors Bach[sic] &C.. .. ..

" 4th done cooking for the mess " " " "

" 5th " " " " " " " " "

" 6th " " " " " " " " " and we went on Board of the Raine at 3 P.M. and had a good time and a dance at night

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