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The Plan

Without question, Old Main is the signature building on Augustana’s campus – an architectural icon both for the college and surrounding community – as well as an enduring symbol of the liberal arts. However, Old Main faces serious and urgent issues that compromise its structural integrity and its viability as an effective academic building. To address these issues, the refurbishment project will:

  • replace the dome and repair other exterior areas that are failing;
  • modernize classrooms by adding teaching and learning technology to accommodate the needs of faculty and students in today’s highly interactive, global environment;
  • add computer kiosks throughout the building;
  • reclaim the space once used as the college’s chapel to create a two-floor forum space for lectures and presentations; and
  • update faculty offices and seminar rooms that will support the close interaction between students and faculty that defines the Augustana experience.

Importance of refurbishing Old Main

The impact of refurbishing Old Main will be felt throughout campus and the surrounding community. This project will:

  • enhance the learning environment for students and faculty in the core liberal arts disciplines;
  • help in recruiting and retaining a strong student body;
  • rejuvenate an architectural icon that has existed in the community and on campus for more than 100 years; and
  • provide, through the forum space, additional opportunities for residents of the surrounding community to attend lectures and presentations open to the public.

Floor Plans

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