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Strategic Plan for Thomas Tredway Library

Plans and Priorities for 2017-18


The Thomas Tredway Library serves Augustana College by making learning the touchstone of all library activities and decisions.

Vision Statement

A center for teaching and research, the Thomas Tredway Library advances the academic aims of Augustana College by actively promoting student learning. The librarians and staff members commit to strong liaison and instructional programs integrated into the Augustana curriculum; provide high-quality, personal interaction and reference sessions with patrons; build and maintain a strong user-focused collection to support curricular needs; and serve both the Augustana campus and larger community. The library fosters collegiality and cooperation while promoting respect, embracing diversity, and encouraging the pursuit of intellectual growth and excellence.


Continue a thoughtful plan of integrating information literacy into the curriculum in a sequential, developmental manner.

  • Develop assessments for the IL component of the Honors sequence (Anne and Stefanie)
  • Assist departments in scaffolding library research skills within their semester-based curricula (Liaison librarians)
  • Plan IL integration into new Gen Ed curriculum (New Gen Ed representative and all)
  • Design a prior knowledge assessment to use at the beginning of FYI101 classes (Stefanie – with input from liaison librarians)
  • Explore collaboration with International Student Academy (Stefanie)
  • Strive to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the teaching program.
    • Evaluate approaches to teaching in Special Collections. (New SC librarian)
    • Pursue professional development activity on improving instruction and assessment (Liaison librarians)
    • Collaborate and coordinate between Special Collections and other instruction. (New SC librarian and liaison librarians)
  • Explore integrating Teagle modules into classes. (Liaison librarians)
  • Build Augustana Digital Commons and other institutional repositories into instruction (Liaison librarians)
  • Continue development of library Social Justice Working Group initiatives (Anne, Christine, Stefanie)
  • Approach instruction with IL program outcomes in mind. (Liaison librarians)


Deliver library services that maximize efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability, and inclusivity.

  • Prioritize inclusivity in all library services (All)
  • Continue to analyze reference services to ensure they meet student needs. (Anne)
  • Publicize research services (e.g. infographics, social media) (Christine)
  • Continue copyright education for campus community (Christine and Carla)
  • Expand development of Augustana Digital Commons for open-access scholarship, creative works, and college documents (Mary, Connie, and Sally)
  • Create a new, student-focused library website in collaboration with Communication and Marketing office and Palantir consultants (Anne, Christine, and new Special Collections librarian)


Foster strong relationships with our community as outlined in the Augustana 2020 Strategic Plan.

  • Expand partnerships with CORE, Learning Commons, OSL, OMSL, OISL (Connie and librarians)
  • Collaborate with Augustana constituents to identify and prioritize materials for inclusion in Augustana Digital Commons (Mary and Connie)
  • Promote and educate the community about the value of Special Collections (Carla and Stefanie)
  • Re-evaluate library social media presence and ways we interact with students IRL (Christine and Anne)
  • Develop specialized projects for student workers and mentor future librarians group (All)
  • Consider the mission and future of the displays and events program and develop a policy regarding display resources (All)
  • Develop education for faculty about the nuances of open access publication and the role of Augustana Digital Commons (Carla, Connie, Mary, and faculty partners)
  • Participate in Sustained Dialogue groups as able (All)
  • Participate in campus-wide emergency preparedness efforts (Ann, Christine, and Connie)


Build a vibrant collection that supports undergraduate learning, research, and intellectual curiosity.

  • Evaluate existing resources on an ongoing basis; acquire new resources to support student research and curricular needs (Mary)
  • Explore possibilities for more inclusive additions to leisure collection (Anne and Christine)
  • Explore open educational resources and alternatives to textbook purchasing (e.g. reserve, electronic, etc.) (Mary, Christine, and Connie)
  • Develop Special Collections as a diverse and inclusive resource for research and teaching (new Special Collections librarian)


Maintain the high esprit de corps, morale, and health of the library team; set limits and priorities that ensure a manageable workload.

  • Experiment with strategies for managing teaching load, liaison and coordinator responsibilities, and research help service/hours (All)
  • Determine Special Collections priorities and realistic service levels (new Special Collections librarian)
  • Monitor campus service commitments of library faculty and staff (All)
  • Increase opportunities for staff/librarian relationships
    • Increase contact with hourly staff (Carla)
    • Incorporate more fun and social activities (Carla, Connie, and Mary)
  • Recognize and reward excellence
    • Publicize accomplishments to the campus using existing electronic platforms (All)
  • Mentor new librarian(s) (Carla and Stefanie)


Utilize our library space in the Gerber Center for Student Life to be beautiful, functional, and flexible for an evolving college community.

  • Educate campus community regarding space as a service of the library to the student body (All, as appropriate)
  • Maintain Gerber Center Steering Committee connections to facilitate cooperation for best use and security of the facility (Carla)
  • Coordinate with other Gerber Center departments on emergency practices (Ann, Christine, and Connie)

The strategic plan was revised on May 24, 2017.