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Salem Lutheran Church (St. Edwards, Neb.), 1934-1937

Description: Notes and statistics prepared by Rev. Oscar F. Bohman for church yearbook or related publication. B. was
the pastor of Salem Lutheran Church in St. Edward, Ne. 1932-1937.
Volume: 5 items
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Control Num: SSIRC I/O:34

Scandia Athletic Club (Hartford, Conn.), 1925-1955

Description: Minutes 1931-1939; Resume of Activities 1933-1955; Financial Records 1925-1927; Scrapbook 1923-1948.
Volume: 1 microfilm
Control Num: SSIRC SC-193

Scandia Gymnastic & Athletic Club (Chicago, Ill.), 1910-1914

Description: Minutes 1910-1914.
Volume: 1 microfilm
Control Num: SSIRC CSC-11

Scandinavian Western Grand Lodge, 1918-1919

Description: Minutes and logbook of local lodges in California.
Volume: 1 microfilm
Control Num: SSIRC IOGT-18

Scandinavian Club/Society of San Diego (Calif.), 1904-1919

Description: Minutes 1904-1919.
Volume: 1 microfilm
Control Num: SSIRC SA-121

Scandinavian Fraternity of Aberdeen, #33 Aberdeen, Washington, 1917-1930

Description: Minutes 1919-1930; Cash Book (membership List) 1917-1930.
Volume: 1 microfilm
Control Num: SSIRC SA-146

Scandinavian Fraternity of America, Seattle, Washington, 1917-1958.

Description: District Booklet 1958; Minutes 1917-1948; Financial Records 1949-1952.
Volume: 1 microfilm
Control Num: SSIRC SA-148

Scandinavian Fraternity of America, Attleboro Lodge #149 (Attleboro, Mass.), 1913-1968

Description: History 1913-; Minutes 1939-1968; Membership 1913-.
Volume: 1 microfilm
Control Num: SSIRC SC-210

Silvis IOOF Lodge #18 (formerly #424), Records, 1865- 1945

Description: Minutes from meetings, 1913-1949, and they contain detailed information about the activities sponsored by the lodge and its finances. There is also a separate treasurer's book and fiscal reports. The membership records, 1913-1954 contains names, dates of birth, and addresses of members.
3 linnear ft. (3 boxes)
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Svea Mutual Insurance Company, Orion, Illinois, 1860-1970

Description: Insurance policy registers, cashbooks, and minutes from annual meetings from the 1860s to the 1970s.
The policy registers provides the names and addresses of the policy owner and the specific items included in the policy. The minutes from the annual meetings reveal details on claims and gives good insight to the development of the company.
Volume: 32 linear ft. / 82 oversized ledgers
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Control Num: SSIRC I/O:45

Swedish Women’s Educational Association International (SWEA), 1979-

Description: The Swedish Women’s Educational Association is a global non-profit organization for Swedish speaking women who live and have lived outside Sweden. Swea was founded in Los Angeles in 1979 by Agneta Nilsson. The mission of the organization is to promote Swedish culture, the use of the Swedish language, to facilitate personal and professional contacts and to establish networks for its members across the world. In 2003, SWEA had approximately 8000 members in 76 local chapters in 34 countries. The collection consists of minutes from meetings held by the International and local chapters, financial statements, newsletters, correspondence, and papers relating to SWEA collected by the founder Agneta Nilsson.
Volume: 81 boxes
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Control Num.: SSIRC I/O: 46

Swedish Olive Lodge, Moline (Ill.), #583, 1875-1987

Description: The collection contains extensive membership information, correspondence, detailed minutes from meetings, insurance and benefit documents, annual reports and financial reports.
: 30 linear ft., 54 boxes
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Control Num.: SSIRC I/O:51

Svenska Kulturförbundet/ The Swedish Cultural Society of America, 1962-2002

Description: The material includes minutes from the organization for the years 1962-1970, Membership listings, addresses and mailing lists, correspondence, information about trips and tours arranged by the society, and financial records 1950-2002. The early years of the Society are not well represented in this collection and it is not known if they exist today.
Volume: 2.5 linear ft., 9 boxes
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Control Num.: SSIRC I/O:59

Svenska Kulturförbundet, Kulturarvet, 1985-1988

Description: The papers include letters to the editor, final copies of the newsletters, a membership list, minutes from council meeting 1985-1988 and other misc. material pertaining to the production of the newsletter. Kulturarvet was the official national newsletter for Svenska Kulturförbundet/Swedish Cultural Society in America.
1 box
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