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Automotive Rental

Car and Van Rental:

Weekend travel: Enterprise Rent-A-Car has a great 3 day weekend special on cars. With the weekend special, it is usually more cost effective to keep the car for 3 days versus 2. For example, if you plan to have the car Friday and Saturday, it is usually lower cost to rent through Sunday and get 50% off instead of the standard discount.

Weekday Travel:

If you are traveling for business Monday through Friday please click on the appropriate link below and book your cars. Enterprise offers free pick up service and free parking at all of our locations, except our airport offices.

You will need to provide a driver's license and your P-card at the time of the rental.

Your receipt will be available under the link Print Receipts.

Please remember to bring the accident form at the time of the rental (available here from off campus).

Van Rentals: All van rentals will be booked through facilities. Augustana employees will be able to pick up the van at facilities at the time requested. These rentals will be billed directly to Augustana College.

Car Rentals: Augustana has a contracted rental rate with "Enterprise" for Auto Rental originating out of the Quad Cities.

Accidents and Insurance:

The driver MUST notify the proper authorities (local police, state patrol or sheriff) in the event of an accident. During business hours, Tammy Sullivan should also be notified. 309-794-7203.

A complete report of the accident must be filed as soon as possible at the Business Office.

If the vehicle is disabled, have it towed to the nearest repair garage.

Do not commit repair work to the garage until authorized by the Business Office.

Please obtain an Accident Insurance Form and complete as much information as possible and return to the Business office.

The Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) should not be accepted, as this will create a redundancy of coverage and increase in the cost of the rental. The College's master insurance policy includes rental vehicle coverage for vehicles valued at less than or equal to $35,000. The coverage includes a $1,000.00 deductible. In the event of an accident, applicable repair costs up to the deductible will be born by the department of the user. An employee operating a College or rental vehicle for College business is covered by the College's worker's compensation and liability policies.