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Facilities Updates - July 15, 2014


1) Lower Quad

There will be heavy equipment in the lower quad area of campus.  New sidewalks are being poured.  This should be completed by 7/18/14.


2) Steam Line and Chilled Water Line Reapirs

There will be heavy equipment around Founders Hall, Old Main, and side hill of the Library.  Steam and chilled water lines are being repaired in all three areas.  This should be completed by 7/18/14.


3) No Air Conditioning on Friday 7/18/14

There will be no air conditioning in the following areas on Friday, July 18, 2014 starting at 7:00 am.


JD Planetarium



The air conditioning will be turned off while repairs are being made to the Library chilled water return and supply lines.  Air conditioning should be stroed by 4:30 pm the same day.


4) Fire Extinguisher Checks

Company one will be on campus Monday, June 30th doing yearly fire extinguisher checks at Olin and CSL.  They will move on TLA residence after that.


We apologize for any disruptions or inconvenience these projects may cause. If you should have specific questions, please contact David Baker, manager of facilities services, x7802.