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Take Wellness to the Next Level

Take Wellness to the Next Level

Over 350 Augustana employees and spouses participated in the health screening event that launched our new wellness program on campus, Guiding Life.  Results were mailed within about a month, and many have since reported back to the Wellness Team.  Whether it was awareness of potential medical issues, confirming a healthy lifestyle, or valuable information to provide to one's primary care physician, we've received lots of positive feedback.

But what's next?  Where can we go from here?

Guiding Life provides two great opportunities to help us take the next step in pursuing a healthy lifestyle: telephonic wellness coaching and the online portal.

Wellness Coaching

If you haven't already, you will soon be receiving a phone call from a dedicated cross trained wellness coach who will be available to help you think through the strategic next steps in your personalized plan.  Participants can engage in 7 different wellness and prevention programs to create better health outcomes through behavior change.  Coaches can assist in selecting which program best suites you, answer questions, and help you take those important steps to get started.

Coaching coincides with the members' life and is structured to fit easily into your routine.  Once you make first contact with your coach, you will be able to set a schedule for the next call so it can fit into your busy life. 

To Get Started:  All of the wellness coaches with Guiding Life are registered nurses.  So be sure to take advantage of their experience and expertise.  This is a great resource of information, accountability, and support.  If you haven't already received a phone call, be sure to get started at 1-800-478-1057.

On Line Portal

Another valuable program option is the health management system available through the on line portal.  This system is divided into 3 key components: I AM, I DO, and I GET.  The I AM portion collects health information to continuously personalize the online experience.  You will be able to access the information from your blood tests at the initial screening, update data based on future tests or doctor visits, and list out medical history.  The Online Health Assessment uncovers additional health- related behaviors, medical history, and more.

The I DO section guides members through action steps that lead to long term behavior change.  Whether you sign up for one of the 7 wellness programs, or simply choose to work with what is recommended for you, I DO will offer you simple next steps.  Articles to read, programs to help you track your steps, on line communities for support, and more- you will find quite a lot of options to assist you!

Finally, the I GET section helps employees capitalize on their actions and access incentives and rewards.  What motivation do you have to live a healthy life?  What incentives will keep you on track?  Use the online points system or post some reminders to keep you focused.

To Get Started:  Sign up today at
And use your Guiding Life Unique ID: First letter of your first name, first letter of your last name, last six numbers of your Social Security Number, and year of birth (yyyy)
Or, in other words: FLSSSSSSYYYY.

We will be hosting upcoming Lunch and Learn programs this summer and into the fall where members of the Wellness Team will offer a portal walk through session where you can learn more about what is available.

You've taken a first important step by surviving the blood test.  Now take all the information and put it to good use.  Use the resources provided by Guiding Life to take steps forward to live a healthier, more well- rounded life.