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Workplace Violence

While Augustana employs a dedicated group of security staff, it is the job of each and every employee to assist in keeping our workplace and campus as safe as possible. Employees who receive or overhear any threatening communications from an employee or outside third party should report it to the Office of Security at once. Employees should not engage in either physical or verbal confrontation with a potentially violent individual. If an employee encounters an individual who is threatening immediate harm to an employee or visitor to our premises or to any worksite, contact our security department at (309) 794-7711 or an emergency agency, such as 911, immediately.

All reports of work-related threats will be kept confidential to every extent possible, investigated and documented. Employees are expected to report and cooperate with an investigation of any suspected and/or actual cases of workplace violence.

Violations of this policy, including an employee's failure to report or fully cooperate in the college's investigation, may result in disciplinary action, up to and including immediate discharge.

Updated February 2011