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Computer, Email and Internet Usage

Use of the Internet has many benefits for the college as well as employees. The Internet and email make communication more efficient and effective. Employees are encouraged to use the Internet appropriately. Unacceptable usage of the Internet can place employees, the college and others at risk. The following guidelines have been established for using the Internet and email in an appropriate, ethical and professional manner:
  1. Augustana College Internet and email access may not be used for transmitting, retrieving or storing of any communications of a defamatory, discriminatory or harassing nature or materials that are obscene. No messages with derogatory or inflammatory remarks about an individual's race, age, disability, religion, national origin, physical attributes or sexual preference shall be transmitted. Harassment of any kind is prohibited. In particular, as an educational institution our information technology (IT) staff are mandated reporters for child exploitation and any evidence of child pornography will be reported to the authorities. 
  2. Disparaging, abusive, profane or offensive language; materials that would adversely or negatively reflect upon the college or be contrary to the college's best interests; and any illegal activities-including piracy, hacking, extortion, blackmail, copyright infringement and unauthorized access to any systems, data or technology-are forbidden.
  3. Copyrighted materials may not be utilized by employees on any college equipment without the express permission of the owner of the copyright as well as proper citation of source. All employees obtaining access to other companies' or individual's materials must respect all copyrights and may not copy, retrieve, modify or forward copyrighted materials, except with permission or as a single copy to reference only.
  4. Employees must refrain from installing software such as web browser plug-ins, shareware or unlicensed commercial software.
  5. Each employee is responsible for the content of all text, audio or images that he/she places or sends over the college's network system. No email, or other electronic communications, may be sent which hides the identity of the sender or represents the sender as someone else. The college's name is attached to all messages, so employees should use discretion in formulating messages.
  6. Email is not private or confidential. All electronic communications are college property. Augustana reserves the right to examine, monitor and regulate email messages, directories and files, as well as Internet usage.
  7. Internal and external email messages are considered business records and may be subject to discovery in the event of litigation. Employees should be aware of this possibility when sending email within and outside the college.

Updated February 2011