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Employees should be aware that the privacy of computer use is not and cannot be guaranteed. Although the college does not routinely examine the content of user files on college-owned or college-controlled computer systems, it does reserve the right to do so. Users should also understand that the college routinely copies many files on many college-owned and college-controlled computer systems for backup purposes. These back-ups provide necessary documentation for business purposes. These copies are retained for some time, and while the college does not routinely do so, it reserves the right to examine the content of these copied files. Additionally, the college reserves the right to use these back-up files as needed for any internal investigation and will provide such data pending a request from any external law enforcement or regulatory agency. Augustana takes steps to protect the data residing on the computers that it owns or controls from unauthorized access. Users should understand that the efficacy of these steps is not and cannot be guaranteed.

Many software systems are designed to collect usage information and to log user activity. The college routinely aggregates the data stored in these logs for analytical purposes. In general, the college makes no attempt to extract from the logs data regarding the activity of individual users. The college does, however, reserve the right to do so.

Updated February 2011