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Inclement Weather

In general, the college's operations will continue in all but the most severe weather conditions. The decision to close the campus for weather related reasons is made by the cabinet and will be communicated to employees as well as students on Augustana College's website and through local news outlets. In many instances, even if the campus is closed for classes, those employees who are deemed as essential services staff will be asked to report to work in order to meet the needs of the college's students and safe operation of its facilities. The employees who are asked to report will be paid according to the college's regular wage schedule. If essential services staff feel they cannot safely report for work, these employees should notify their supervisor and can elect to use accrued vacation time, personal time or unpaid time for the non-worked hours.

Those employees who are not deemed as essential services staff should not report to work. Staff/non-exempt employees can elect to use accrued vacation time or personal time in order to receive pay for the day, or elect to take the day without pay.

In the event the campus is closed after employees have reported to work, those employees who have reported will be paid for the hours they were scheduled to work on that day. Essential services staff may be asked to stay and complete the workday, even if the campus is closed.

Updated February 2011