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Complaint Resolution

Augustana College strives to provide a positive work environment. When an employee has a problem or concern, the college will endeavor to resolve the problem whenever possible. However, the college cannot guarantee that a consensus can be reached on every issue or that every issue will be resolved in the manner requested. In general, employees seeking to resolve problems or concerns should follow these steps:
  1. Meeting with supervisor: Employees are encouraged to bring problems or issues to the attention of their manager or supervisor. Bringing a history of the issue along with potential solutions is also helpful, but not required.
  2. Meeting with the director or another supervisor: If the employee is uncomfortable meeting with his/her supervisor or if the issue or problem involves the immediate supervisor, the employee may choose to schedule a meeting with the director of the department, a manager or another supervisor or leader within the department. This step can also be used if an employee has used step one, but is not satisfied with the resolution. Again, a written history of the problem and issue is most helpful in this situation. Employees should approach this meeting with an open mind towards potential solutions.
  3. Meeting with Director of Human Resources: Employees who have used steps one and/or two and are not satisfied with the resolution of the problem or complaint may schedule a meeting with the Director of Human Resources to share the issues, possible solutions and outcomes of the meetings held. The Director of Human Resources, based on this meeting, may choose to meet with the other parties involved and/or the Vice President of Business and Finance to seek solutions and/or resolution of the complaint.

This complaint resolution process is only available to current employees and will not be used to review any termination decision. For complaints of harassment and discrimination, please see the Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Policy. Steps and/or participants in this process may be altered in response to individual circumstances at the discretion of the college.

Updated February 2011