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College Vehicles

College vehicles are provided for business purposes and for specific work-related assignments. Employees that operate a college vehicle are responsible for operating the vehicle in a safe manner and maintaining the cleanliness of the vehicle. As part of Augustana College's commitment to safety, employees are required to wear seat belts when operating or riding in a college vehicle and drivers are prohibited from talking or texting on a cell phone. Additionally, smoking is not permitted in college vehicles. Employees who regularly use a college vehicle and experience a change in license eligibility must report this change to their supervisor within three working days.

Accidents involving a college vehicle must be reported immediately to the Director of Safety and Security. Any parking fines, tickets received or moving violations that occur while in a college vehicle are the responsibility of the employee operating it.

Employees who need a vehicle for college business should coordinate this request with the Office of Facilities Services. They can provide an Augustana vehicle or arrange for a rental vehicle with our preferred provider.

Updated February 2011