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Attendance & Punctuality

Punctuality and regular attendance is essential to meet the needs of the college's students and to facilitate the smooth operation of departments. Staffing levels have been created to allow the college to meet these needs as well as provide adequate time off to meet employee needs for sickness, vacations or unforeseen circumstances. Detailed policies on these leaves are available in section three of this handbook.

It is expected that employees will arrive on time and prepared for work duties. Employees who anticipate a late arrival to work should call a supervisor with as much notice as possible. A pattern and/or repeated occurrences of missing work or arriving late to work may result in discipline.

Employees who are unable to work due to an unexpected illness or circumstance are required to call in before the work day would normally begin to notify their supervisor. Failure to notify the supervisor of an absence will result in discipline. Employees are required to call in and notify the supervisor on each day that an absence will occur. Additionally, in the event an employee does not show up to work and does not call in to discuss the absence with a supervisor for three consecutive days, this will be considered a resignation and employment will be terminated immediately.

Updated February 2011