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Appearance & Uniforms

Each employee is a representative of the college; therefore, each employee's appearance should reflect Augustana's high standards of professionalism. While it is not possible to list every item or instance that may be unprofessional, the guidelines below are designed to help employees make good appearance-related decisions. In the event that a supervisor finds an employee's appearance to lack the desired level of professional dress, the employee will be asked to not wear the item in the future and/or to return home to make changes.

Some jobs have safety concerns that will dictate what can and cannot be worn on the job. Supervisors will provide specific instructions on what specific safety related dress code issues may be in place for a specific job.

Items that are NEVER appropriate for the college's workplace include: torn clothing, short shorts, halter tops, beachwear, workout attire, tank tops, spandex or distracting, offensive or revealing clothes. Also unacceptable are flip-flop sandals, or any wear that includes potentially offensive or derogatory slogans, pictures or words. Some employees may be required to wear a uniform during working hours to identify them to students and other members or visitors on our campus. Uniform items are provided by the college, and replaced on a regular schedule. Employees who are required to wear uniforms are expected to keep their uniform neat and clean.

Updated February 2011