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Code of Conduct

Augustana College's reputation for integrity is one of its most valuable assets and is dependent on the ethical actions of each and every employee. The college's reputation is paramount, and drives its interactions with its students, the community and employees. To maintain these high standards, the college depends on every employee to adhere to the highest legal and ethical standards. The college's business is conducted in the strict observance of both the letter and spirit of all applicable laws.

This Code of Conduct sets out basic principles to guide all employees of the college. It is supplemented by the policies and procedures outlined in the employee handbook, together providing a framework for prudent decision-making. All employees must conduct themselves in accordance with the Code of Conduct, and seek to avoid even the appearance of improper behavior.

Employees will not engage in conduct or activity that raises questions as to the college's honesty, impartiality or reputation, or otherwise cause embarrassment to the college. Employees will avoid any action, whether or not specifically prohibited in the personnel policies, which might result in or reasonably be expected to create an appearance of unethical conduct.

This code should also be provided to and followed by the college's agents and representatives, including consultants.

Employees who violate the standards in this code will be subject to disciplinary action. If you are in a situation that you believe may violate or lead to a violation of this code, follow the guidelines described in section 6 of this code.

Updated February 2011