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Employee Handbook

Purpose of the Handbook

Augustana College understands that its employees receive a lot of information about the college and the college's expectations of administrative and staff employees. This handbook was created as a written tool to give employees an overview of the organization and some guidelines for a successful career. This handbook was not designed to create an employment contract and should not be considered a contract.

This handbook replaces and supersedes all previous handbooks as well as all written or verbal policy notifications that may have been received or distributed. Additionally, statements or promises made by a supervisor, manager or cabinet member may not be interpreted as a change in policy and does not constitute an agreement with an employee.

While the college strives to keep all employees updated of policy changes, it is the responsibility of each employee to seek out information to clarify policies or situations that are unclear. Such questions should be directed to the employee's manager, supervisor or to a member of the Human Resources (HR) team. The college reserves the right to change, alter, suspend or cancel all policies and practices without notice.

Table of Contents

Section 1: The Augustana Workplace

Section 2: Working at Augustana

Section 3: Compensation, Time off & Benefits

Section 4: Safety at Augustana


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