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Kaleidoscope ARTivities for Children

Video: Why children and parents love Kaleidoscope

Winter-Spring 2016

Augustana College has been offering creative art classes for children for more than 60 years. Classes are offered all year to ages 4-12, although in summer, children can attend a week at a time instead of a series of Saturdays. Kaleidoscope is directed by Augustana College professor of art Rowen Schussheim-Anderson. Some 15 professional artists, art historians and art educators teach the classes.

Classes are held at the Augustana Art Studio, 610 35th St., Rock Island. (Map)

Pre-registration is required. Secure credit card payments can be made using the online registration form.

Checks made payable to Augustana Kaleidoscope may be mailed or delivered in person to 610 35th St. Rock Island, Ill., 61201.

For more information or printed brochures, call 309-794-7729.

Materials are included in all class and workshop fees. Unattended classes will result in a refund (minus a $3 handling fee for paper registration/$1 for online) if notification precedes the first class session. There will be supervision between classes. Please have children dress appropriately for art classes. This means clothing that can get dirty after painting, drawing, etc.

Session I: Feb. 6, 13, 20, 27

9:30-10:30 a.m.

11 a.m.-noon


Join us for an art-making extravaganza!  We will explore painting, drawing and sculpture, working with a wide variety of materials.
4-6 year olds | Meg Wendling | $40

Monster Madness

From ghoulish, to goofy, to outlandish, this class is a monster madcap marathon!  We’ll work two and three dimensionally and let our imaginations soar!
4-6 year olds | Meg Wendling | $40

Winter Scenes

Learn new drawing and painting techniques as we work with colored pencil, acrylic paint and watercolor.  Winter wildlife will be our subject matter to create one-of-a kind works of art.
7-8 year olds | Heike Ehlers | $40

African Adventure

Join us as we explore the art and crafts of Africa.  We’ll paint, collage and construct as we focus on color, pattern and shape.
7-8 year olds | Chuck Knudsen | $40

The Arts of Africa

Learn about the fascinating culture of Africa. We’ll make masks, draw and construct native animals and use kente patterns as our inspiration for a painting on canvas.
9-12 year olds | Chuck Knudsen | $40

The Original Selfie!

Learn the basic guidelines in portraiture to create your own self-portrait using pencils, pen and ink.
9-12 year olds | Heike Ehlers | $40

Session II: March 5, 12, 19, April 2

*No Classes March 26 due to Easter

9:30-10:30 a.m.

11 a.m.-noon

Spring Spectacular

Join us to create critters and things that represent this wonderful time of year.  Lots of mixed media
4-6 year olds | Catherine Gehrmann | $40

Things that Fly

From birds to rockets, to kites, make fun and fanciful creations as we draw, paint and construct with mixed media.
4-6 year olds | Corrine Smith | $40

Geometric Design

We’ll draw and paint, creating unique designs focusing on shape and color. Make a special stained-glass egg design using plaster. 
7-8 year olds | Heike Ehlers | $40

Fairy Tales and Kings

Our fantasies will come to life as we draw, paint and collage castles, dragons and knights in armor in this multi-media class.
7-8 year olds | Chuck Knudsen | $40

Family Crest

Learn about symbolism during the mid-century era. Design and construct your own family crest, draw castles with a lot of detailed drawing and painting.
9-12 year olds | Chuck Knudsen | $40

What a Hoot!

Enjoy creating awesome owls of all sizes! We’ll look at pattern, color and shape as we work two and three-dimensionally.
9-12 year olds | Corrine Smith | $40

Session III: April 9, 16, 23, 30

9:30-10:30 a.m.

11 a.m.-noon

Swashbuckling Fun

Explore the world of pirates, mermaids, treasures and mystical sea creatures. We’ll work two- and three-dimensionally with a wide variety of materials
4-6 year olds | Meg Wendling | $40

Animals A-Z

We’ll draw, paint, collage and construct the wonderful animal world. Discover color, shape, pattern and texture as we create our four-legged friends.
4-6 year olds | Meg Wendling | $40

West Southwest Retreat

Join us as we travel through the southwest…We’ll collage a kachina doll, paint the desert sunset, and explore more of the Southwest!
7-8 year olds | Chuck Knudsen | $40

Springtime Animals

Enjoy painting and drawing favorite animals and explore the signs of spring through art. Create a flower design using clay, paper, paint, markers and more.
7-8 year olds | Heike Ehlers | $40

Room with a View

Learn how to draw houses and buildings using twodimensional perspective, from both the outside and the inside. We’ll apply watercolor techniques to enhance our scenes.
9-12 year olds | Heike Ehlers | $40

Wild West

Hop on your horse and travel down our dusty trail…we’ll draw, paint and collage scenery and critters as we explore the Wild West.
9-12 year olds | Chuck Knudsen | $40


Feb. 6, March 5, 12, April 16, May 7

Feb. 6, 1-2:30 p.m.

Heart Art!

Warm the hearts of family and friends with one-of-a-kind handmade valentines.
4 year olds, Meg Wendling, $18
5-6 year olds, Addie Corbin-Winn, $18
7-8 year olds | Heike Ehlers | $18
9-12 year olds | Linda Burau | $18

April 16, 1-2:30

Celebrate Earth Day

Join us for this multimedia workshop to create a variety of eco-art!
4-6 year olds  Meg Wendling | $18
7-8 year olds | Corrine Smith | $18
9-12 | years olds | Addie Corbin-Winn | $18


March 5, 1-2:30 p.m.

Spring Sculpture

Would you like to build a snowman indoors? Stay warm as we create our own snow globes, snowflakes and snowmen.
8-12 year olds | Heike Ehlers | $18

May 7, 1-2:30

For Mom

From your hands to her heart…create special works of art just in time for Mother’s Day.
4-6 year olds | Meg Wendling | $18
7-12 year olds | Addie Corbin-Winn | $18

March 12, 1-2:30 p.m.

Leapin' Leprechauns

'Tis the wearin' o' green in this holiday workshop. From leprechauns to shamrocks, we'll have some ol' green fun!
4-6 year olds |Corrine Smith | $18
7-8 year olds | Linda Burau | $18
9-12 year olds | Addie Corbin-Winn | $18

Who's who at Kaleidoscope

Corrine Smith, co-director is an adjunct assistant professor of art at Augustana. She has a B.F.A. from Southern Illinois University and an M.F.A. from the University of Kentucky and exhibits her work internationally.

Rowen Schussheim-Anderson, co-director, is chair of the art department at Augustana. She has taught at Augustana since 1982, when she started Kaleidoscope. With a B.F.A. from Rochester Institute of Technology and an M.F.A. from Arizona State University, she exhibits her work internationally.

Julie Schneider is the registrar for Kaleidoscope and the secretary of the Augustana art department.

Linda Burau has a B.A. in art education from the College of St. Teresa and has taught art at the elementary through high school levels.

Addie Corby-Winn has a B.A. in fine art and art education from St. Ambrose University and has taught at Muscatine High School. She currently teaches at Rock Island High School and exhibits her work locally.

Lena Cudworth works as an Independent Demonstrator for Uppercase Living. She enjoys working with children of all ages and exhibits her work locally.

Heike Ehlers has a B.A. from Augustana College and an M.F.A. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has taught at the elementary through high school levels.

Nicole Walsh received her B.A. in art education from Augustana College. She teaches elementary art in the Geneseo School district and creates art by making new things from old objects.

Meg Wendling received a B.A. in fine arts and graphic design from St. Ambrose University.

Ronda Wright-Phipps, new to the Quad Cities, earned her M.F.A. from NY State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Last year she was a visiting artist in Latvia and China.

Catherine Gehrmann received her B.A. in Biochemistry from Augustana College. She has worked with children of all ages in the arts.