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Student Directed Programs

Student Program Coordinators recognize the needs within their community and meet them in a variety of ways through the programs they create and lead.  The creativity and hard work of the student program coordinators has resulted in a wide variety of unique programs begun through the CVR.   Click here to meet this year's student program coordinators.

Athletes Giving Back
Athletes Giving Back (AGB) works with the Student Athletics Advisory Committee (SAAC) to provide a wide range of service opportunities to promote interaction with the Quad City Area and college communities. Varsity athletic teams work to accumulate the most service hours during the year. Projects have included work at the Children's Miracle Network, City Clean-up Days, and Field Days.

Beyond the Bubble
Expanding your Understanding through Experience
Beyond the Bubble invites students to explore the cultures, attitudes and experiences in the communities beyond our campus! It offers students a series of opportunities to engage in interaction with our surrounding Quad Cities Community such as volunteering at the Martin Luther King Center after school program  or serving a community Thanksgiving meal.

Fraternity Alumni Network
FAN is a one-to-one networking program between fraternity men and fraternity alumni. Connections made help students both professionally as they seek employment upon graduation, and socially as they move into new communities.

Rockastana Mentoring
Rockastana connects Augustana students with sophomores from Rock Island High School in  mentor relationships.  Through weekly meetings this program provides positive role models for the young students so they may be further motivated to excel in academics and helps Augustana students reflect on their gifts, skills, talents and passions through engaging with these students.

Working with Faith
Where your faith meets the needs of the community.
Students interested in faith-based service gather together to support one another and explore how faith impacts their vocation.   This group explores different ministries including Christian counseling, missionary work, ordained ministry, lay ministry, volunteer work and many more.

WOW (Wide Open Wednesdays) is a tutoring and mentoring program for children from Rock Island. The kids range in ages from kindergarten to 8th grade. Students that volunteer at WOW can assist in either helping with education activities such as Science Club, Arts and Crafts, etc or helping with homework, or both. The program takes place on Wednesdays from 3:30-5:30 with a free dinner provided by the church afterwards.

Youth Ministry Team
This program connects Augie students with a church in Davenport. These "interns" work with the staff and families of the church to pass on the faith to the youth of the congregation.