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Servant Leader Internships

The Servant Leadership grant program gives Augustana students hands-on experience in many types of non-profit and professional settings.  Students use these internships to explore and discern vocation by utilizing and testing their skills and passions, broadening their understanding of community needs and thus gleaning a more robust understanding of career and life possibilities. Students will be expected to register their internship for zero-credit with the Registrar.

Michael McRae

“While in the Foundations program my freshman year, I got interested in a writer/spiritual thinker named Eckhart Tolle. The stuff that really stood out to me and stayed with me were ideas of being involved, embedded in the present moment and letting the present moment really fill you.
A lot of times when doing work at the Web Guild I am working on a small part of some huge complicated system that I can't hope to ever fully understand. So, to me there this issue of staying centered and open-minded and relaxed while doing some of the work.
It can be nice to know that this little part of a larger whole is my own sort of sandbox; I can decide what it will look like and how it will work. Even if I don't know what exactly is going on outside of the sandbox, I know that this sandbox can be made to work beautifully and that's enjoyable.”

— Michael McRae servant leader intern at Augustana’s Edge Center, summer 2013.

Vantina McLaurin

“So much of the work World Relief does is very basic, to help people have simple needs fulfilled in a new place. But as basic as these things are, it's really complicated to obtain them when language and cultural boundaries are in the way. It's really fulfilling to act as that bridge for people and help them get to the things they need just to live here. The government might help clients have refugee status, but World Relief really does need to help provide assistance for so many individuals to survive in a new, foreign place, and it's really rewarding to play whatever small part in that work.
I know that on the surface this work is just small, concrete actions, but I'm also cultivating knowledge that's deeper than that. My understanding of the refugee experience, these cultures, and the depth of the Quad Cities is already so much broader after just three weeks. This work is helping me understand so much more, and hopefully I will be able to share some of this knowledge with my peers in formal or informal ways.”

— Vatina McLaurin, servant leader intern at World Relief, summer 2013