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Community Engagement Center

Explore, Experience, Engage

Engaging students

Students interested in connecting their talents and passions with the local community and the world beyond can begin at Augustana's Community Engagement Center (CEC). Whether students want to discern their calling, volunteer locally or globally, experience entrepreneurial work, study abroad, pursue an exciting internship, or get help with a targeted job search, the CEC conveniently houses the staff and resources to help students discover, pursue and reflect upon these opportunities.

Engaging the community

The CEC also serves as a gateway between the community and the students, faculty, and staff at Augustana College. Organizations in the community will find many significant opportunities for connection including students eager to be valuable resources as interns and volunteers, and Augustana faculty and staff that regularly learn from and share their expertise with community groups.

The CEC is located on the first floor of Sorensen Hall at the intersection of 38th Street and 7th Avenue. The CEC can be reached at 309-794-7339 or

The CEC can help you connect through the following offices:

Augie Choice

Center for Vocational Reflection

Entrepreneurial Center

International and Off-Campus Programs

Internships and Careers Office

Service Learning

Volunteer Programming

Center for Vocational Reflection

Vocation, or calling, is the place where our passions and skills intersect with the needs of the world around us. The Center for Vocational Reflection (CVR) guides students into discerning, reflecting upon, and engaging their vocation. The center offers a variety of programs including one on one counseling to help students discern their calling, academic offerings to explore vocation historically and personally, volunteer opportunities to test one's interests, seminary visits for students considering ministry as a vocation, and paid servant-leader internships to explore one's vocation in context.

The Entrepreneurial Center

The Entrepreneurial Center connects students with community organizations in need of communications, marketing and creative services, including web design. Students gain real experience to enhance their portfolios and résumés, while businesses and not-for-profit organizations gain a creative, low-cost resource for their marketing needs. The center is also helps students prepare their professional portfolios for job interviews.

International and Off-Campus Programs

IOP coordinates study abroad and off-campus opportunities that complement the college's academic program. Whether you are a student planning to join a program, a faculty member helping to develop a program, or an international student interested in coming to Augustana, IOP is ready to assist you. IOP also provides resources and advice for those who travel abroad, including athletic, co-curricular and fine arts travel programs; sponsors on-campus programming; and provides orientation and support for international students.

Internships and Careers Office


The Internships and Careers Office assists students with internship, graduate and career options. Students will find a number of useful resources, such as résumé development, internship/career search assistance, interview practice, and exposure to a variety of employers through job fairs and on-campus interviews.


Service Learning

Service-Learning is "a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility and strengthen communities" (National Service-Learning Clearinghouse). The Service-Learning Office works with faculty, students and community members to develop opportunities in Augustana courses to apply classroom knowledge to community needs, both locally and internationally.

Volunteer Programs

The Office of Volunteer Programs demonstrates the college's commitment to community engagement. The office provides the campus with ongoing information on volunteer opportunities, both short-term and long-term, in the Quad-Cities area and beyond.


For more information; or 309.794.7339