Inside a kindergarten classroom with Augustana students

Things are Beginning to Click!

This week marked moments of great progress! I was overjoyed to work with the students this week and was incredibly proud to see how far they have come. It was truly rewarding to see such progress and excitement in our students. On Tuesday Lisa and I administer the Acuity assessment to Ms. Carmack’s class. We [...]

On The Road Again!

After returning back to Augie from the long holiday break, Julie and I were ready to jump back into action and continue working with our students at Longfellow. Before leaving for break, we had expressed interest in changing the focus of our observations and work for the remaining of the year; we agreed that we [...]

Back in Action!

After a long winter break Lisa and I were eager to walk into Longfellow and begin working with our students once again. Before we departed for break Lisa and I expressed our interest in comparing how students learn when using ipad apps vs how they learn when using other manipulatives. We hope this idea will [...]

Putting Our Knowledge to the Test

This week Lisa and I administered the ESGI assessment. The students were tested on their ability to recognize numbers 1-30, orally count to 100, compare numbers, recognize shapes, count objects, and write symbolic numbers. After each student had been tested I analyzed their scores as well as which specific numbers had been missed and which [...]

Testing… Testing… 1, 2, 3…

On both days this week, Mrs. Carmack and Mrs. Arnold asked Julie and I to take the Kindergarten students out into the hallway to administer the ESGI Assessment. We assessed each student to collect evidence of their current level of understanding for the following areas: number recognition, comparing numbers, shape recognition, oral sequence, one-to-one counting, [...]

Let’s Get Messy!

This week at Longfellow was quite eventful (and messy!) After the long holiday weekend, we picked up right where we left of with our Kindergarten students. At this point in the number sense project, we have been creating activities based on the abilities of two groups – students who have mastered number recognition, and those [...]

Gettin’ Our Hands Dirty

After reviewing our notes and reflecting on our past lessons, Lisa and I discussed how we should proceed. We decided that we would continue focusing on number recognition for numbers 1-20 with the students that meet with us twice a week and that we would move on to missing numbers or counting on with the [...]

Turkey Fingers

Because of the Thanksgiving holiday break, Julie and I only worked with the Kindergarten students on Tuesday of this week. Mrs. Arnold and Mrs. Carmack provided us with instructions and materials to lead a turkey finger counting activity with the students. Because we would not be seeing the students again on Thursday, we adjusted the [...]

Gobble Gobble!

Because of Thanksgiving break, we only met with our students one day this week. Therefore, we adjusted our plans in a way that would allow every student to be seen and complete the activity given to us by Ms. Arnold and Ms. Carmack. Though the students did not receive an ample amount of time, they [...]

And We’re Off

Lisa and I began our Number Sense experience this week. Though we were a little nervous to embark on this long journey, our nerves were quickly settled after meeting our students. Prior to our instructional delivery we met with both Ms. Carmack and Ms. Arnold to discuss their expectations and goals. We were told that [...]