The worldwide Augustana College experience

With trip over, Viking men reflect, return to season prep

We are back on U.S. soil!!

brandon motzel
Sophomore Brandon Motzel

While it feels great to be done with the long plane rides, it is weird to not be running out to the beach to body surf on the waves or go shopping at the markets. From the basketball side of the trip in São Paulo to the relaxation and tourism side of the trip in Rio, there was never a dull moment. We were always going on adventures to markets or visiting iconic sites or relaxing at the beach. I know it was a trip of a lifetime for me, and I could not be happier that I shared it with my team and coaches and their families.

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Viking women begin reflecting on 10 days in Brazil

Now that I’m in the comfort of my home I have time to sit back, relax and reflect on the past 10 days.

chaney tambling
Senior Chaney Tambling

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After one last meal, Viking men return from Brazil

Waking up today was a struggle for many different reasons. The game last night was very taxing on us. It was a hard fought game and a few guys, including me, were pretty banged and bruised. Despite that, however, last night’s game will be one that will never be forgotten.

tayvian johnson
Sophomore Tayvian Johnson

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Viking women hit beach one last time before heading home

Our time here in Brazil is wrapping up.

Today we went to the beach to get in a last few hours of fun in the sun before having to return to the hotel and pack up for our journey back home.  It was a beautiful day with a clear, blue sky and lots of ocean waves.  We took our last opportunity for a photo shoot and brought our uniforms for pictures on the beach. Read more…

Viking men find moving monument, fall to top Brazilian team

Today was a day of breath-taking events. After an early rise we went to see one of the most photographed statues in the world, Monumento do Cristo Redentor, or the Christ Statue. After a long wait in line and a card scan, we were traveling up Corcovado mountain.

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Viking women close with win, gift socks to opponent

Well we’ve done it again!

We’ve managed to go undefeated here in Rio and had quite the time doing it.  Today we played a game that was full of unselfish, team basketball.  I think we can all say we’ve made huge strides while we’ve been here and it has been a great experience!

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Viking women shop till they drop

We’ve definitely shopped until we’ve dropped.

Today we spent our morning shopping at a little market in Ipanema, which is about a 45-minute walk from Copacabana, where we are staying.  While we shopped and browsed throughout the morning, we even got to see some of the guys from the Augustana men’s basketball team.  It was fun to get to see people we know in a place where not many speak English or know who you are.  We exchanged waves and short conversations and then went about our day shopping. Read more…

Viking men experience adventures on Sugar Loaf Mountain

The day started overcast, but the views we saw made it seem like a bright day.

Sugar Loaf Mountains in two words is “simply breathtaking.” We started off zipping up the world-famous cable cars that can be seen in the James Bond movie, “Moonraker.” The ride up was a little unsettling for most of us seeing how the cars swayed so much on a windy day.

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Viking women have whirlwind trip in Rio

Aug. 11

Today’s our free day, so naturally we are going to the beach and going shopping!

chaney tambling
Senior Chaney Tambling

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Viking men hit the town and the waves in Rio

If we thought that we listened to loud music in the U.S., last night’s trip to the Lapa street festival made it seem like we were quiet. The club that we all ended at was all but empty when we got there. So we started our own party and started dancing by ourselves.

Before we knew it, the club was jam packed and the music was almost deathly loud. I had trouble hearing people talking to me at breakfast this morning. The DJ had seen that we were there the entire time so he played all of our requests and was shouting, “Let’s hear it Chicago” time after time. We definitely left our mark on the Lapa street festival.

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