The worldwide Augustana College experience

The Great Huts were that GREAT

Driving to the great huts was an adventure to say the least. The road went from a nicely paved highway to practically a single lane road with as many pot holes as the roads in Rock Island. Yet, Dr. Egan got us to the Great Huts in one piece. My first walk through of my [...]

How can words give Justice to the importance of this experience?

Wow what an amazing school! Alpha is a incredible atmosphere, the girls are so friendly, funny, but most of all they are dedicated!

What you can’t Get at a Resort: The Most Important Things

We have left the resort and are now in the middle of our stay in the great huts. There is a complete transformation in our experiences to go along with it. We made our way driving along the coasts on the narrow roads dodging people and traffic. Now that we are out of the resort [...]

Feeling Jamaica

This last week in Jamaica has got me to feel more and more what Jamaica is about. Through its people, through experiences, but even more importantly, through it education system. While the schools are modeled after the British system of education, it was different because the students had different goals, but they were still learning [...]

Step Three: Gates and Education

The thing that surprised me the most about Kingston was simply how many gates there were everywhere. It seemed every building from the alpha girl school to the hotel to the grocery store everything had a gate. The reason I was shocked was not because the gates were strange to me, but how could a [...]

Kingston: A City Overshadowed

We arrived in Kingston on Sunday night and began the second portion of our trip. From Monday onwards, I have been teaching math to the students at the Alpha Girls’ School, an academy in inner-city Kingston, and, during this time, it has become obvious that Kingston is a city overshadowed, both literally and figuratively.  

Great Huts, Boston Bay, Jamaica

After our first few, spoiled days in the resort, we moved to the Great Huts in Boston Bay. I was so excited to arrive at the Great Huts! They are all without windows or real doors so you are basically sleeping with nature. I can’t lie, I was really nervous about sleeping with bugs and [...]

A Beautiful Island

It is ironic that the views from the resort would be far less breath taking than the views from many of the spots out in the real Jamaica. I was astounded by how beautiful everything is. upon arrival to Boston Bay we are all a little tired and get shown to our huts. After seeing [...]

Jewel Runaway Bay Resort

Hello from the wonderful and sunny island of Jamaica! Our early morning flight (6:00 AM) on Monday was totally worth coming here! We connected in Atlanta and arrived on the island around 2:00 PM. As we flew over the ocean, all I could think was that I had never seen water so blue before in [...]

Day 3

Day 3- the drive of a lifetimeWe left the resort and we          drove                      and                                drove                        [...]