The worldwide Augustana College experience

Over Already? No, it has just begun!

Wow. It is hard to put to words how the last three days of the trip went while at the Alpha Schools. To put into perspective how I felt going into this experience I have to admit the anxiety and stress I continuously struggled with as we prepared for the trip, mentally and physically. After Student [...]

Jamaica: Great Huts 2 & Alpha

So my plan to blog after the Great Huts was a complete fail. However, there were still some interesting things that happened. After those first two days at the huts, we spent a lot of time traveling around and visiting different beaches. After going to the blue lagoon, the group went to Hanna Banana. Even [...]

Jamaica Blog #3 – Kingston and Alpha School

I am writing this in the security line at the Montego Bay Airport, which is absolutely insanely long. The past few days in Kingston at the Alpha Boys School have been incredible. Even though it started out extremely disorganized and stressful, it all worked out wonderfully.        When we first arrived at the [...]


It is officially Day 5 of our trip and New Years Eve (although it doesn’t feel like it at all). Something about being on “Island Time” and soaking in the warm weather makes it easy to forget what day it is, let alone December 31st. Overall, the past two days at Great Huts have been [...]

Jamaica Blog #2 – The Great Huts

The Great Huts was our second and most adventurous destination. After leaving the resort in Ocho Rios, we traveled east along the coast to Port Antonio on bumpy, winding, hilly and unpredictable roads. Once arriving we were given time to settle in and explore. Amanda and I wandered down to the beach where we found [...]

Jamaica: Great Huts Day 1

So since coming to the Great Huts a lot more has happened so I figured it would be good to do an extra blog. After leaving Runaway Bay, we made the trek across the north side of the island. The entire trip was very interesting and partially frightful. Everyone in our car was terrified for [...]

Jewel Runaway Bay, Jamaica!

Well it is officially the eve of the third day of my trip to Jamaica and I feel like it is time to write some of my/our adventures down. After landing in Montego Bay we had some time to kill while Dr. J went to get our second van. As we took in the humid, [...]

Jamaica: The Resorts

First Jamaica blog of the trip and I have so much to say, but i honestly can’t remember all that’s on my mind. I guess it would be best to start for the beginning of the trip once we arrived. Once off of the plane it was just like mike said. There were many Jamaicans [...]

My first Jamaican experiences

So far this trip has been amazing!!!! I could not have expected anything more. The first day on our trip we spent waiting anxiously on a plane and could not wait to get to our all inclusive resort. When we finally reached our destination it was incredible. We quickly learned what Jamaican time is. Basically, [...]

Gearing Up For An Amazing Jamaican Adventure

This “maiden posting” on the Augie Jamaica blog is occurring about three weeks before our group actually travels. So, my apologies to any reader who was hoping to read about our adventures on the island: those posts will start coming in late December! This blog is being written for two main purposes: (1) for me [...]