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New (old) Family and the Marathon

So I took a trip to Berlin last weekend to visit and really meet my great uncle Guenter for the first time. Train tickets are expensive, but I got to Berlin for about 40 Euro, and I made it without any trouble.  My uncle and his girlfriend Henriette of 19 years picked me up promptly upon my arrival. They were instantly nice and welcoming, at least from what I could understand what they said. The Berliner accent is much faster than any other dialect I’ve heard, and they tend to speak a little bit more sharply. By the end of the trip, I think I started getting the hang of it.

In a nutshell, the weekend went great. I went on a steam-boat ride through the rivers of Berlin and saw plenty of cool architecture. 4 and a half hours later the boat ride ended. I definitely think that kind of thing is for old people… but nonetheless, I did see a lot. The second day was a walk around Berlin’s most touristy spots, like KaDeWe (huge and hugely expensive shopping center) and the a center square of which I’ve forgotten the name.

There are a couple things that stand out most about the weekend: how incredibly nice my uncle and his girlfriend were, and the incredible amount of food they had me eat. I’m not saying I felt stuffed after every meal; I’m saying I ate until I was stuffed, and then they would put more on my plate, claiming that I was too shy to grab everything that I wanted to eat. I’ve heard that is a common German quality.

The big event in Berlin last weekend was the Berlin Marathon. 41,000 people ran the marathon this year and I got to witness a lot of them running by. I got some great pictures of unique costumes that some of them wore. My uncle and I even did an interview for a news station (although it never turned up on the television that night). Well I think this post has gone long enough. Bis spaeter!

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  1. Sean, I know you saw the Berlin marathon–but you missed the Quad City Marathon, which I think is a little bit bigger of a deal. It’s okay, I took pictures of the unique customs at the marathon, like drinking chocolate milk and eating bagels post race. We miss you!

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