The worldwide Augustana College experience

October 13th-17th Rio/Salvador

The end of Rio Monday October 13th Our group got to go to the biggest tourist attraction in Rio which is the Christ the Redeemer Statue. I had absolutely no idea how tall it really was or how crowded it would be. First we took a cable car up the mountain. Part way through the [...]

First 3days in Brazil:)

Well we finally made it! After flight cancellations, gate changes, flight changes, and mechanical difficulties…we are in Rio! We arrived at the hotel and made our way to class to learn more about the Salguerio samba school. It is the oldest samba school in Brazil. Afterwards, we went to a buffet where we weighed our [...]

What I packed…

One of the biggest questions that people have when traveling is what to pack. There are plenty of lists out there on suggestions of what to take on an international trip, but here is a list and pictures of what I am bringing to Brazil in my purse, my suitcase, and my carry-on bag. In [...]

So I saw a kangaroo…

Dear Sydney, Thank you for the beautiful weather you have given me this week. I am a little resentful I had to work through most of it, but I would be lying if the sunlight hasn’t been good food for the soul. While this week wasn’t completely filled with adventure and traveling excitement, I did [...]

The day has finally come! For the past year, myself and 48 other Augustana students have been preparing for this day. We’ve written essays, filled out lots of paperwork…I mean lots and lots of paperwork, and learned all there is to know about the Australian culture. I’ve saved every dime, nickel, and penny, and have [...]

Classes Have Begun…

It is the end of day two of classes here and already the weekend begins tomorrow!  After the first few days in Dublin without class, it was not the smoothest of transitions into actually having school work to worry about– so much reading.  Being an English major, I am well-prepared for the Irish Lit class, [...]

Over Already? No, it has just begun!

Wow. It is hard to put to words how the last three days of the trip went while at the Alpha Schools. To put into perspective how I felt going into this experience I have to admit the anxiety and stress I continuously struggled with as we prepared for the trip, mentally and physically. After Student [...]

Lessons from my sabbatical

Aug. 16 We should come home from adventures, and perils, and discoveries every day with new experience and character. — Henry David Thoreau Jane and I returned to Rock Island on Tuesday night, just in time to greet our new first- year students. What a sabbatical it has been! We’ve traveled 20,339 miles, including 2,260 [...]

Rain Delay

This past week due to rain and heavy winds, the group has been stuck on base. Nevertheless it’s been a fun week full of new experiences. -We’ve said hello to a new team member (Doug Cause) and goodbye to another (Calen Offield).

Catching Kittiwakes and Downloading Data and a Few Other Surprises

This past week has been focused on catching passerines here on base and on catching Black-Legged Kittiwakes with geolocators on Saunder’s Island. It has been full of late nights, long hours on the boat, and getting pooped on. Our original plan on Sunday was to travel up North to catch Thick-Billed Murres and Dovekies and [...]