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What is “thankfulness” anyway?

Hi everyone! So I’m new here but for my first post I decided to submit my Observer article about thankfulness! If you have any comments, leave ‘em! I’d love to hear what you’re thankful for!   Well it’s that time of year again: crunching leaves, bonfires, cozy sweaters, Thanksgiving, and endless posts, greeting cards, and […]

Tacksägelsedagen (thanksgiving)

God morgon my friends, family and randoms I had a fantastic Thanksgiving break in Springfield, Illinois. I was invited by my beloved Erek Bell, together with my beloved Swedish friends Alexandra and Eric, to celebrate turkey-day with them. And so I did. Wednesday: We drove to Springfield, mother Bell had made an awesome Lasagne (I […]

An Amazing Discovery on Small Business Saturday!

Welcome back, everyone! I hope all of you had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend filled with family and food. If you remember my intro post, you’ll know that I live in St. Louis, which is about 5 hours away from campus. It seemed a bit silly to do all of that traveling for three days at […]

My Professors are Cooler than Yours

As we get ready to return to school after our short Thanksgiving Break, I figured that I share one of the things that I am really thankful for. I am thankful that I get to go to an amazing small school where the professors really care about their students. One of the reasons that I […]

A Short Post After Thanksgiving

Hello! Guess what I made last night? Yes, I, a 21 year old, made a hand turkey. And it is beautiful. I will hang it on the fridge for all to admire. I hope your Thanksgiving went well, and if you are going out on Black Friday, be safe. ~Kaylee

Where the (not heaven) are the Simpsons?!

God kväll, At the moment I’m in Springfield and chilling with Erek’s and his family (together with two other Swedes). I expected to see a bunch of Yellow creatures running around in this town, with Bart, Marge and the others, but so far I’ve only met Erek’s dad Homer and the rest of his family. […]

Fall’s Over, Christmas Is Around the Corner!

Welcome back Augie! How was Fall Break for everyone? Personally, mine was great! I got to go home to the good old Rocky Mountains in Colorado so that was fun. Getting out there was a trip to say the least! The flight was itself was great but the experience with the SOuthwest personnel at Midway […]

Thanksgiving Break

Well I am officially back from Thanksgiving break and trying to get back into the swing of school. I honestly really don’t like winter term because it has all these breaks. You go to school for a week and a few days only to go on Thanksgiving break. You go back to school for three […]

List of things to do over finals week

Considering I only have one final now, which is on Thursday, I have three days to do basically nothing. So I decided to make up a list of things I will do, so I can feel like I was productive. 1) Learn how to play N64 2) Finish season 3 of Greek 3) Figure out […]