A window inside life at Augustana College

Its Been A Year…!?

One year ago on November 25, you left this world, leaving your family and all your friends including myself with an empty void in our life that no one can fill. The laughter and bright spirit that you spread to every person you came in contact with, only a small few could ever hope to […]

Freshmen Year!!!

Its week 8 of my last trimester as a freshmen here at Augustana.  I know its totally cliche to say how time has flown by…BUT IT HAS!!! It seems like just yesterday I was hauling my clothes up the stairs of Erikson wondering how this year was going to go.  Like most freshmen I had […]

In Loving Memory

Life at times can seem so predictable and constant. Without realizing it you get so comfortable and set in a routine, you come to expect certain things; because you have forgotten how fast life can throw you an unexpected curve ball. From materiel things to people, we come to expect that when we get ready […]