A window inside life at Augustana College

Surviving Your First Year

There are so many things that you will encounter in College, but the important thing is to know how to get out of those sticky situations.  As I come to an end on my first year here at Augustana, I have encountered or heard about a number of interesting situations. Lets begin. People are using […]

Week 7

The end of my freshman year is coming to a close, and I just cannot believe how quickly everything has flown by!  I am in the process of declaring my major (Biology and Spanish) and picking my classes for next year!!! YIKES! I feel bad for the seniors that are coming to an end at […]

Spring Term 2013: A New Beginning Thanks to Pledging

A new term, and perhaps a new start. That is the mind set I am going in with. For many of us, it is the start of the pledging process, weather you are pledging COG, DON, OZO, CAP, you are about to venture on a journey that will change your life. Now that the first […]

It’s Our Time

This is a video my mom’s cousin Marty Casey sings. I think this is a great new year song! (: I hope that everyone enjoyed their break off of school and are looking forward to getting back together with their Augie friends on campus on Sunday! I know I am excited to see them all […]

Tired of cafeteria food?

Cafeteria food can only keep you going for so long so every so often my friends and I like to venture off campus and find places to eat! Here are a few places that I would recommend checking out. The Little Rangoon This is a little restaurant tucked away on a corner of 5th Ave in Moline. It doesn’t […]

Christmas at Augustana

As usual, Christmas at Augustana was fantastic! I went this past Saturday and I can tell you that it was well worth the money I spent to attend. Christmas at Augustana is where all of the Augustana choirs and the orchestra play Christmas music. As you can see from this picture, they decorated Centennial beautifully […]

XC Nationals 2012

This year, Division III Cross Country Nationals were in Terre Haute, Indiana on Saturday, November 17th. One of my roommates is dating the only Augie guy to make it to Nationals, and my boyfriend runs for North Central College, so the two of us decided to road trip to the race. In order for our […]

Haunted House

Halloween is coming up fast and there have been a some great activities on campus! From to zombie run, the haunted history tour, and the RHA haunted house to name a few. What a great way to procrastinate on studying for those finals I was lucky enough to help work in the RHA haunted house and it was a […]

The End is Near

Hey everyone!  Oh what a way to end out the term! Well let me start out with, we survived registration week! Yay!! That is an accomplishment there in itself. My friend Caitlin decided to stay up really late Tuesday night and then she got up at 4:45 the next morning hoping for her LSFY class […]

First Equestrian Show

Not many students know that Augie has an Equestrian Team. Well, we do! And it is made up of some awesome girls!   What does the team do? Well, normally a person would have their own horse and train and work mostly with that horse in order to show and compete. However, for the team […]