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How other stories stack up

I finally got a chance to visit the Mount St. Joseph athletic website to see how their write-up of the game that Augustana beat them in triple overtime compared to my own version. I think that it goes without saying that I got to write on the better end of the affair. Getting the chance to read the same story written by the opposing sides in this case is something that I feel I could really utilize to improve my writing skills. I thought it was also interesting that Augustana was referred to as the “Augies” in the story. I’m not quite sure if that was a mistake as Augsburg College’s mascot is the Auggies or if it was just that individual’s style of writing. Here’s the Mount St. Joseph version: http://www.msjsports.com/mlacrosse/news/2013-14/3663/lions-mens-lacrosse-team-suffers-loss-in-third-ot-to-augustana-college-15-14/.  Any suggestions are appreciated!

Picture Day

In high school, I was under the impression that after I graduated I would never have to deal with a “Picture Day” again. I was wrong. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for some people, there are still picture days in college, or at least at Augie. Today, I am supposed to take my composite picture for my sorority. Now this would be fine and dandy except for the fact that it’s raining/drizzling and this is a walking campus. The last two years I think that I look like death in my picture. I attribute this to the fact that I don’t wear makeup, so I look extremely washed out. My roommate thinks it’s because I have a bad attitude. This year, I don’t expect my picture to turn out any different than it has in years past. I guess that I don’t really know where this post was going, except for maybe as a heads up that you might still have a “Picture Day” when you get to college.


This week I had the opportunity to write stories for three of Augustana’s varsity teams. In my last blog I mentioned our women’s lacrosse home-opener. The women won 15-8 over DePauw and moved to 5-0 with each of their wins coming in a different state. Here’s the link for the women’s lacrosse story: http://www.athletics.augustana.edu/news/2014/3/21/WLAX_0321140203.aspx?path=wlax.

I also wrote the first track story of my career for the women’s track and field team. The team actually competed at two different meets, one in Tennessee and the other at Augustana. Here is the link to the women’s track and field story: http://www.athletics.augustana.edu/news/2014/3/23/WTRACK_0323140549.aspx.

My third story of the week was written following the men’s lacrosse team’s triple overtime win on the road at Mount St. Joseph (Ohio). The guys were down 14-11 before scoring three goals in the final 1:20 to give themselves a chance in overtime. Here is the men’s lacrosse story link: http://www.athletics.augustana.edu/news/2014/3/23/MLAX_0323140251.aspx?path=mlax. I was hoping that Mount St. Joseph would have a game recap posted on their website so that I could compare my story against theirs for the same event. I will keep an eye on their athletics page to see if they end up posting a story.

Same name, two different sports

Friday night marked the first home game for the women’s lacrosse team this season. The evening also marked an attempt to explain to our rookie Statcrew spotter how the women’s game was going to be different than to the two men’s games he had called stats for. Instead of just asking what the differences were between the sports he asked why the differences even existed, something I was not expecting. After the game the question was still bothering me so I decided to see what I could find about why men’s and women’s lacrosse are two completely different sports. While this isn’t exactly the answer I was looking for, this (somewhat dated) article offers an interesting look at the sport. http://voices.yahoo.com/the-history-lacrosse-comparison-between-mens-36637.html 

67 days

Graduation is in 67 days and we all know that those days are going to fly by! Seeing as I am not going to grad school I will be entering the real world. I’ve spent the last few weeks or so applying for jobs and internships at various places around the country. I have a few more applications to fill out but for the most part I am now playing the waiting game. The nerves have already set in so waiting these next few weeks to hear back are going to be brutal!

Curiosity got the best of me tonight

Even though the lacrosse programs here at Augustana are in their early stages, I could not help but wonder if any of the teams’ accomplishments were Division III records. The men’s team found the record book under the scoring defense category for their 2012 campaign when they recorded a 5.14 average good for 13th best. Scoring defense is the term used to refer to the number of goals that a team allows. The current D III record of 3.50 was set in 1985 by Middlebury.

The Augustana women’s lacrosse team found their way to the record book several times in it’s first couple seasons. Hilary Kargl is tied for the most goals scored in a game at 14, which came against Berry College in 2012. The Vikings are also tied for 7th for points in a single game with 43 (26 goals + 17 assists) in their 26-0 stomping of Dubuque in 2013. The 17 assist performance in that match is tied for 8th most in a single game. Entering the 2014 season Augustana was sixth all time in Division III for points per game with 28.16 in 2012. The women also sat at second all time entering the season for goals per game in 2012 with 19.22 GPG. Sara Tisdale’s squad also found it’s way onto the most assists list tied for 14th from their 2013 campaign that saw 184 assists in 21 games. The 26 goal defeat of Dubuque in 2013 is also good for the 9th largest margin of victory in Division III.

If you’d like to look for yourself here is the women’s link and the men’s.

Lacrosse season is upon us

Earlier this week I worked the men’s lacrosse home-opener inputting live stats from the pressbox at Thorson-Lucken Field. That chilly evening saw the Vikings set several records in their 20-1 win over Dubuque. The single game record of 31 points was upped to 33 as Augie scored 20 goals and assisted 13 of them, which also rewrote the previous record of 10 assists in a game. Andrew Miller scored seven goals which was also a new Augustana men’s lacrosse single game record surpassing the previous record of six held by four players.  Here’s the story I wrote following the game: http://www.athletics.augustana.edu/news/2014/3/12/MLAX_0312142136.aspx?path=mlax.



First Day of my Internship!

It has been awhile since I have posted a blog but for anyone that is reading this post there will be a lot more where this is coming from. One of the academic requirements for my internship is to keep a blog regarding what I am up to at my internship as well as my reflections on experiences. My internship this term is in the sports information department here at Augustana, where I will be taking on the responsibilities of covering everything pertaining to men’s and women’s lacrosse.

Anyone reading this can expect to see links to press releases that I have written and perhaps even some pictures or other releases that I have come across and find interesting. I did not write the releases for the games played over spring break because I was in Louisiana working with Habitat for Humanity, therefore the link in this post is the first lacrosse piece that I have written (http://www.athletics.augustana.edu/news/2014/3/10/WLAX_0310141600.aspx). However, I was also responsible for writing the swimming stories this past winter which can be found at these links: men’s swimming and women’s swimming.

My duties on the first day of my internship included continuing work on what I call the “Hall of Fame Project”. This project has spanned months because of its size. The Augustana athletic department refers to its Hall of Fame as the Tribe of Vikings which adds new members annually through a voting process. Any athlete that earned a varsity letter and graduated between 2000 and 2004 is eligible for induction and therefore all of their statistics and records are recorded by student workers (that’s me!) onto the nomination ballot so that voters know the accomplishments of each athlete. Clearly this is a larger project but I look forward to working and completing the list because of the great sense of accomplishment that it will bring.

Reflection of a College Spring Break

Hey everyone,

My first college spring break has come and gone like sand through my fingertips. Each moment hanging with friends, cherishing time with family, or just relaxing the day away seems like it happened a whole life time ago. Like most people, I wish I had traveled somewhere where there isn’t snow and the sun shines like a hot summer day. Alas, I had the simple pleasure of staying here a week for the Track Conference Meet, which was a blast, and then proceeded to head home to the sweet town of Geneva, Illinois. Though as much as I was that I had traveled, going home was nice as well. It’s great to have home cooked meals, a bed to sprawl out on to get quality rest, and not having to wake up before 10 each morning. Now that spring break is done, I am ecstatic about this spring term and all that awaits!

Hope everyone had a quality spring break and has a great third trimester!

Takeshita-dori, Temples, and Tons of Fun!

This spring break, I traveled over 6000 miles with the Augustana Symphonic Band to Japan! We spent an amazing 12 days on tour (well, really ten if you subtract for travel) exploring Osaka, Kyoto, Hakone, and Tokyo! I don’t want to overload you all with a giant picture dump, but I have a few that I’d love to share for right now.


This temple is literally covered in gold foil—over 40 pounds of the stuff! Although you can’t go inside the temple, the band walked around the gardens and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.


A stunning view of a few of Tokyo’s skyscrapers! The Tokyo Metropolitan Govt. Building had an observatory on the top floor that gave you a 360 degree view of the city. I have a ton of pictures from this building, but this is one of my personal favorites.


A lot of these gates were burned down during WWII, and I think this one was rebuilt slightly after the war. I can’t even begin to explain how large this was; the picture doesn’t do it any justice!


Thunder Gate! One of our tour pieces is called “Bookmarks from Japan” by Julie Giroux. The fourth movement is called Thunder Gate and it was amazing to see it in person. I couldn’t get the song out of my head the entire time I was there! Past the gate was a street lined with tons of shops selling local goods and food. I picked up a lot of souvenirs here and some ice cream for myself!


The famed Takeshita-dori! This is the place for fashion in Tokyo, and it had been my dream to walk down it for years! You can probably notice how packed the street is; it was intense! Many Japanese girls dress up in lolita fashion and walk down this street, hoping to get noticed by an agent and snag a modeling job. I looked around several world-famous lolita shops including Wonder Rocket, Bodyline, and Closet Child. If only I had saved more money—everything was so cute! I did manage to pick up some clothes, though. And, come on. I walked down Takeshita Street! Even if I didn’t get any clothes, I still would have been just as happy with the experience alone.