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Living Every Moment…

What does it mean when someone says, “live your life to the fullest?”  All I can say is, living is something you should be doing every day.  Don’t waste a single moment, because each minute and every second has a value of truth in it.  Last night and tonight were perfect examples of getting myself out there and “Living Life”.

From studying in the library till the break of dawn, to the weekends stored with opportunities of a lifetime, I found that going through life and following rules and just being flat in everything I do, I am not really living.  Living means testing to new experiences that have never dawned on you before and pushing the limits.  I mean, you should be FOLLOWING THE RULES that could hurt you in school, but outside of the classroom, you’re a free individual; you’re a fully grown adult.  Since you’re an adult, then that means you make the rules, you make your own decisions now.  You have to decipher with what’s right and what’s wrong.  Remember; just think of your future as a game of chance.  You don’t know what will happen until you take a chance.  Be a risk taker.

Last night was a wonderful experience as well.  What is that one thing that all students look forward to when they step into college?  “WHERE ARE ALL THE PARTIES DUDE!!”  I may not be a part-pumping individual or an alcoholic, but I will say that jamming to music until every last drop of sweat slides off your face, can be an experience.  Even though I had never gone to crazy college parties, I still pushed myself to try and be open to new ideas and experiences.

I found that getting out of the dorm and study lounges, I can say i can finally breath in and breath out for once.  Today was a perfect example of that.  With the drenching heat swallowing my soul and spitting it into Haiti’s river of the dead, I couldn’t help, but get out and enjoy campus.  Today was the kick off for our Augie Football players, and if anyone was there, then they would know that it went FANTASTIC! We had our First win of the season. Not too shabby.  Let’s all give a round of  applause for our Varsity Football Team, our lovely Viking cheerleaders, our Vikets, and our baton twirlers!!!

Even though we did tremendous, I still see something off in our lovely crowds.  WHERE IS THE SCHOOL SPIRIT?!!!  I feel bad for big Gus, because everyone in the stands watches Gus, like little little silent cats and chipmunks. C’mon PEOPLE!!  I may only be a Freshmen, but at least I can say I have school spirit.  I was thinking if we don’t already; maybe have a super-fans section.  Those were big in High School, and I feel like we need to be giving our athletes some motivation.

Anyways, back to what I was saying about living every moment, you should never take anything for granted.   Our society lives off of mistakes and always will, but the great thing about that is you always learn something new from that experience.  Remember to Live, Laugh, and Have fun, while being careful.

Brand New Day @Augie

Last year was old news and the dramas of high school have drifted away, but most importantly, the page has turned and a new chapter is about to start.  Yes, I know leaving the nest where all your blankies and plush animals are laying can be hard, but to think that you have some new control can be an amazing feeling or sometimes a little intimidating, like the time you saw the movie “Scream” for the first time. That was a 13 year, scarring experience of its own for me personally!

What is this new world that I am now stepping into?  You say college?  Already?  But.. bu. bbbb…ut I don’t WANNA GROW UP! What about all those EVIL PROFESSORS?? or THE 200 lb LOADS of HOMEWORK?? I am going to have bulks of STRESS, and all the UPPERCLASSMAN are going to PICK ON ME! Yes, you will have homework almost every night, it will get stressful at times, but only you can control your own personal stress levels.  College is quite the eye opener to any newcomer, including myself.

Hey, I am only in week 2 of my first year in college, but forming good habits is key.  Yes there will be times where PROCRASTINATION will take over, but you have to stand your ground and fight off the evil procrastinators, because they will suck you in.  Hanging with friends is a good thing, but what are you paying $48k for? To party and screw around? I don’t think so, unless you told your parents otherwise.

Yes, it is important to have fun while living the life of a college student, but school comes first, and hey it’s not like High School where you’re taking 7 classes a day, everyday. My first 2 weeks of College, personally, have been the best first 2 weeks of my education journey thus far.  I will tell you that first off, your professors are human, not man eating sharks that will rip your heads off.  They have feelings and personalities, so get to know them and they will be like that hilarious comedian-like history teacher you had in High School.  Augustana is a family-oriented school and no one HATES. You may not hang out with a group of people, but everyone is open to getting to know you and willing to bring you into the Augie family.  Remember that when you take your first steps onto campus, that you will take in every moment and step out of your HS routine and reach out to new people and experiences.  Have PRIDE, have PASSION, have GOOD WORK ETHIC, and most of all, HAVE FUN!!

Here we are in the desert.

Here we are in the desert.

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Bowling trick shots

Why I Need Feminism (Maybe?)

Hello Augie people!
It has been a hot minute since I last blogged! Basically over a year if we’re being technical…. There is no excuse for that! I promise I will take better care of doing so this coming school year-which I will be beginning my junior year! Yikes! I guess time does fly when you’re having fun! As to keep in tradition, I will give a brief life update and then begin with my blog topic, which I promise is something you’ll want to read!

Life update: I finished my second year at Augie, which was a bit rough but I made it through. I decided not to play lacrosse this year, however, I still am with the team just not playing. As well, I have gone through another pledging season and it was so different being on this side than being a pledge! I fell in love with my sorority even more. The lacrosse team had another wonderful season, including becoming the first ever CCIW conference champions and going to the sweet 16 (for the second year in a row as a four year program!). Other than all of that, I think you have been caught up with my life!

So feminism…we’ve all heard about it, and some people have even taken a very, very opinionated position on it. Great! And for the most part I agree, the country and the world needs feminism. Maybe not in the extreme sense that so many people gravitate to when they think of feminism but more of the equality aspect. Yes, I have the capability to understand that if I as a woman am granted the same opportunities that a man has in the workplace than I am giving up some opportunities that may have only been applicable to me. And I am okay with that because I work just as hard, just as long and just as well as a man that I deserve to earn the same as he does- in case you were wondering, in 2013, for every 100% a white man earned, a white woman earned 77.4% (http://www.infoplease.com/us/census/median-earnings-by-race.html).

bad feminism

Okay, let me step off my soap box real quick. Yes the wage gap is frustrating, but you know what that is not going to change anytime soon. Fine. I can live with that. What I can’t live with is the fact that I don’t feel safe being downtown at night when it is only me and another one of my girlfriends. Why on earth should I feel so insecure suddenly about my safety that we have to stand facing each other, watching the others back, under the streetlight, making sure to whisper when we want to talk as to not draw attention to ourselves, and I have to hold my finger of the trigger for my pepper spray so that (God forbid) someone approaches us and doesn’t just want to know if we can help pay for their train ticket? You might be thinking I’m exaggerating this, but I wish I was. My best friend and I had gone to a Rockies game where we had a ton of fun and bought an eight dollar hot dog and cheered the Rockies to a win over the Diamondbacks. Overall, we had a great time and didn’t start to feel any weird feelings until we saw some friends who had been drinking, one of which just became a little to touchy. We managed to rid ourselves of that feeling once we were back on our way to the train to go back home, we were trailing behind the crowd but still felt safe enough. On our way, one of our other friends called and we decided to go to the bar he was at. We decided we would all hang out, which was going well until someone said something that was meant to be funny but really wasn’t and my friend and I left. Although the boys we were with followed us for a few blocks decided to ultimately leave us.. Which is fine except we were in downtown alone and waiting for the train in a not very well lit street. We immediately went into survival mode, we became extra observant of what was going on and who was around us.
So why does this really matter? Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn’t. Maybe I read so far into a situation that I need to complain and blog about it. What I do know is, I need feminism because I felt safer having mace in my hand than just being around people in the lights. I need feminism because I am an equal and I knew that if I needed to I would yell fire because that would garner more attention than just yelling help. I need feminism because there are still guys that think I am overreacting, and maybe I am, but thats only because I was taught to be wary of the guys that are standing around me and to be cautious of who I look at because “you just never know”.

So maybe I don’t need feminism and I should just take self defense classes to make me feel more comfortable at night. Or maybe feminism is actually a good thing and everyone is an equal and we should probably start paying more attention to it.
good feminism

Stay cheesin’,

Sloughfest Success!

On Saturday May 2nd, a wonderful group of students    

Sloughfest was literally

Vic Mensa


Sloughfest was easily the most social thing that I’ve done this year. 

I don’t even know how to start. So here’s a quick run down about Sloughfest.

What is Sloughfest? 

Sloughfest is a (hopefully) annual music festival held at Augustana that provided the Rock Island community with  an afternoon of student peformances, a DJ battle, food, games, socialization and just genuine fun. The event was sponsored by various campus organizations and clubs. It was organized by Marvin Agyeben (SloughFest Director), Justin Bishop (Administrative Director), and LaSalle Smith (Promotion Director).

For more information visit their website: http://sloughfest.wix.com/2015

When did it happen?

Saturday, May 2nd from 4:00 p.m. until 10:30 (ish) p.m.

Where did it happen?

Lindberg Stadium


Because last year, a very dedicated group of people decided to collaborate and brainstorm ideas for a music festival at Augustana… very casually while chillin’ in the dorms…


Why not?

We like music.

We like festivals…



So, I don’t really have anything else to say…. watch the video below (and scroll through some pictures) for a pretty thorough Sloughfest experience and….stay classy?

 You might want to turn your volume down…











(Y’all they were giving out free wings  Red Bull!)






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A Beautiful Day at Augustana

I don’t think today’s weather could have been anymore perfect today.

With some of the free time I took some pictures of natury things on Augie’s campus.

Take a gander!

!DSC_1464[1] DSC_1462[1] DSC_1458[1] DSC_1456[1] DSC_1440[1] DSC_1439[1]DSC_1426[1]DSC_1451[1]

It’s Not Just Here, But Everywhere

Some of you may have caught news of the race riots that have devastated not only Ferguson, but now the new race riot that is occurring right now in Baltimore. Though the riots first had a more peaceful way of protest, they have escalated into full pandemonium with looters tearing up shops and even gangs teaming up to go on witch hunts for cops.

It struck me while reading the news of a quote from one of the stories that said that they never imagined the race riots occurring in Baltimore.

After pondering that quote, I realized that that thought is truly terrifying.

I imagined Chicago where few people would think of such a thing happening and where one misstep, one wrong move could bring the winds of destruction to the Windy City. One cop, one person making a decision could forever change Chicago.

What I want people to take away from this is to realize that these event have pertinence to us, even if they may be in places that we have never been before. Events such as those in Baltimore and Ferguson are closer to home than most people want to think.

Just a little food for thought. Keep the good citizens of Baltimore in your prayers.



Sunday April 12th at 4 P.M. on the lower quad, 

you have the opportunity to be in a movie!

We are filming a ton of projects right now and one fun project happens to be called AUGIE HISTORY (working title)

We need extras for a fun scene that won’t take more than an hour to shoot and will be lots of fun to watch when its done.

We are calling for all Greek life members, athletes, girls, and guys to get together on the lower quad and have a giant battle.

Think Braveheart/Lord of the Rings/etc.

Feel free to wear your letters, dress as cowboys, wear paint, anything fun. Get a group together and wear something cool. Bring pillows to fight with, paddles, etc. We won’t actually be hitting each other so you can be creative. We heard through the grapevine that there will be a blender fight.

We will be meeting at

*3:30 on the Lower Quad to give a rundown and filming will start at 4 PM. If nobody shows up, we’ll CGI it with the limited budget we have. Basically, it would look like cardboard cutouts so were kind of begging you.*

Faculty is welcome too.


Congrats to pledges almost being done.

“Savage” and “Fleek” and “Bae”…Oh My!


Recently, while at dinner with a group of friends, someone mentioned how they were surprised by the new slang that kids are usin’ nowadays. We all harrumphed and chortled at the notion of these youngins and their semantics antics. Why were we laughing? Well, that’s yet to be determined, because from what I remember (which isn’t much due to the senility of old age ) we had some slang back in our heyday that definitely made our parents and grandparents think we were non compos mentis.


So today, let’s all hop aboard Thomas the Train at Reading Railroad station (boarding at Platform 9  3/4)  on our way to Dragon Land as we travel safely through that horrendous no man’s land colloquially known as “Urban Dictionary”. At the end of our journey you’ll have an enriched vocabulary and maybe you’ll be “hip” and “with it”… but then again, maybe not. 


What we ( people 9 months-99 years old) would have said: Beast, Beast Mode, H.A.M., Cool

What our parents ( people who don’t age) would have said: Insane in the membrane, Postal, Nuts, Wacko, Crazy, Bad***, Cool

Actual definition of savage via the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: 


Best Example of “Savage”


What we would have said: on point, on deck, gorgeous, beautiful, hot, cute

What our parents would have said: gorgeous, beautiful, hot, cute, nifty

Actual definition of fleek via the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: UNKNOWN ( Peaches Monroe is credited with the creation of this word.)

Fleek 2

Best Example(s) of “Fleek”



What we would say: honey, sweetheart, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, soul mate, best friend, boo, babe, baby, crush

What our parents would say: honey, sweetheart, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, soul mate, crush, best friend, boo, babe, baby, companion

Actual definition of Bae via the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

* No, contrary to popular belief it doesn’t mean poop in Danish. I personally believe that cynical “bae”-less people are the ones who started the rumor. Words are fun, okay people? Don’t try to constrain people’s freedom of speech. Hippopotamus. Omicron. Zygote. Falafel. Bubble. Confectionery. Scuttle.


Best Example of “Bae”



What we would say: friends, besties, crew, group, people, best friends, random people I met at Starbucks

What our parents would say: friends, acquaintances, posse, gang, random people I met at the grocery store

Actual definition of squad via the Merriam-Webster dictionary:


Best Example(s) of “Squad”

turnt 2

turnt 1

What we would have said: crunk, turn up, wasted, faded, crazy

What our parents would have said: crazy, wild, having fun, “boys being boys”, “girls just wanna have fun”, “girls gone wild”,  insane, mad

Actual definition of turnt via the Merriam Webster Dictionary:


Good examples of “Turnt”

And that’s all I have for you folks… so, um yeah, now I’m off to do actual homework…

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Until next time,

Tierra XOXO

Augustana People: Alex “Doesn’t Speak Using Vowels” Anderson

Alex is a kind hearted soul who spent the time to fill out every single question. I don’t often concede to someone being better at the internet than me, but Alex has proven time and time again he does it quite a bit better. I will let him do the talking on this one. However, it is best advised to read with this playing.



Get to know him.


GM: What brought you to Augustana?

AA: My father and my coaches both influenced me on my decisions to choose Augustana. My overnight was a blast as well due to Carl “Peter peter pumpkin eater” Hartwig and Erik “grimelord” Westerburg. 

Pictured: Erik and Carl in official Augustana Viking football warmups


What advice do you have for incoming Freshmen?

Live it up while focusing on improving yourself as an individual

What are you involved in on campus?

I played football for three years then that stopped due to knee injuries. Currently I am involved with finishing my double major of Accounting/Finance and working at a local CPA firm.

What are some hidden talents you have? 

To confuse people. I’m talking like orb of confusion from SpongeBob DEEEUUURrrrrrr.

What is your spirit animal?

A Grizzly Bear due to its temperament and power. Insert the picture I send you on the blog right after this answer while leaving this text in the answer. K



Who is your favorite mountain man from the early frontier days of the United States? 

Nothing will ever top the adventure Macho Man Randy Savage and Rick Flair took across the rings of America.

What is your greatest fear and why?

The fact that any moment a solar flare could wipe out human existence instantly.


That’s a given.

Duck, Duck, Goose?

Only if you take me on a nice date first.

Do you have a nickname and why?

Yes I do. At Augustana I’m just Alex or Anderson, but back in Geneseo I am Manderson. This nickname was given to me my freshman year of high school when I accidently typed an M before the Anderson part of my last name when I was logging in. My friend thought it was hilarious and the name stuck ever since.

What is your favorite book and why?

Any fantasy novel written by R.A. Salvatore. His literature just takes you to another place

What is your favorite movie and why?

This is an ever changing thing for me, but right now it’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Who has the best mustache, Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds, Ron Swanson, Teddy Roosevelt, or Salvador Dali?

Ron Swanson. All other choices should be changed to Ron Swanson.

Lebron James comes to your house to sell you a poster of you getting dunked on by him, how much is it worth?

Poster of Lebron James dunkin on me: 35$. Poster of Gary Miller dunkin on me in a banana costume: priceless

Who do you fear is really a robot on campus?

Join us Gary.

What do you think the biggest difference is between you now and who you were when you first came to Augustana?

More responsibility that led to more maturity.

Alice Cooper once said, “school’s out for summer, school’s out forever” do you think he should be running an elementary school in Texas? I don’t think he is but I definitely endorse it.

If Alice Cooper needs more money to bring a smile to his face that looks like a painting that got rained on. I don’t see why not.

Would you like to give me a dollar? 

Yes because our friendship cannot be measured by monetary amounts. *80s sitcom awh

What’s the scariest thing about children who live amongst the corn and who do you think walks behind the rows?

Just the fact that they’re scary children scares me. I’m not sure who walks behind the rows.


Would you join the Rebel Alliance or the Empire?

Neither I would be a rogue dual welding Jedi that joins for the right price

What is your favorite food?

That’s like asking me who’s my favorite character on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Psst it’s Charlie.

Who is most likely to eat all the food in the house between you and your roommates?

Aaron Call because coaching with such passion requires fuel.

What famous ruler from history would you most likely make a disparaging remark about on twitter?

Alexander The Great. My tweet would read “Nice name…Idiot”

Who is your favorite artist and why?

Yung Lean. Ridiculous lyrics with THE best production in the game. Sadboys//2001 :’(

Favorite holiday and why?

I’d say Thanksgiving because of the food, family, and football.

Favorite sports team and why?

THE Chicago Bulls. NBA>NHL *locks door

A,B,C,D,E,F, are you a G?

Look up A$AP Rocky- Peso go to 1:28 and that is my answer.

Gatorade or Powerade?

Both! For Gatorade I choose Riptide Rush and Powerade I choose grape.

Favorite type of Oreos

The mint ones are too good

Who shot the deputy?

Ice T then he became a cop.

Which power ranger speaks to you?

Zordon he gives good advice and is just a projection.

John Mayer or John Denver?

A collab of them on my new mixtape its fire

Who is your celebrity crush?

Kate Mara. Would definitely shake her hand.

Where is somewhere you have always wanted to go but haven’t yet?

Colorado because mountains are beautiful and I heard you live in those mountains

Have you studied abroad and if not where?

Junior summer I went to France with the football team. Beautiful place if we weren’t so hung over for all of it.

You have an evil cat (they’re all evil) threatening your life. How you kill it nine times?

Overdose of catnip nine times


IF you were trapped in the wilds of Alaska with one person to survive the winter who would it be and what item would you bring?

Gary Miller, a GoPro, and necessary survival gear.

What historical figure would you most like to poke on Facebook?

Dwight Eisenhower because my poke would be followed with you were right about the industrial military complex.

I don’t know how Instagram works.

It’s more entertaining if you have infinite disposable income. I believe that’s called “Flexing”

Barry Manilow can make everything better, do you smell what the rock is cooking?

I remember all my life what the rock is cooking. Raining down as cold as ice.

What’s the toughest class you’ve ever had?

Intermediate accounting 1-3 literally aged me with stress.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Probably something with video game production.

What is your major and minor?

Double Major in Accounting/Finance

Which movie in the Rocky Trilogy has the best fight?

Rocky IV when Ivan Drago kills Apollo Creed. Oh the feels and oh the montages

Billy Elliot can dance, what are your best moves?

Anything dance move made famous by vines.

What are your favorite songs?

Kyoto by Yung Lean Dye- Tycho S/ash- Darius Get Higher- Juicy J

What was your favorite toy as a kid?

I still remember the day I got my original PlayStation the hype was real.

Who do you think is the finest illegal street racer at Augustana?

Me + Nissan GTR R35 answers this question.

What is Greek life like?

  1. The country, not the fraternities and sororities here.
  2. Explain their economic system to me as if I was a four year old.

The country is beautiful and the people are laid back. There current economy is one of the worst in the EU due to the recession of the Euro as a currency. Look at me I went to college and know things blah blah blah. This would all be said to a four year old.

I’ve been coloring lately, what coloring books should I be picking up?

Think outside the box Gary. Don’t use guides of coloring books; instead let your creative madness flow on a blank piece of paper.

I will, thank you. Also, for all you hooligans out there with nothing to do on a Friday.



Thank you for reading