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Julafton (Christmas) + Christmas Break


Long time, no see I guess. I’ve been busy doing very important things, like sleeping, socializing and just being me. Anyhow. Now I’m back, and I’ll try to be better. But I do not promise anything. Ok?


So – back to business. It’s Christmas time, so I guess I have to wish you all a “Merry Christmas”. Now when that’s done, I’ll tell you about my Christmas, hour for hour. We celebrate Christmas December 24 in Sweden. Why? I do not know. But here is my day:

00:00-09:53: – awesome Christmas sleep

09:53-09:55: – short, but effective, shower.

09:55-10:30: – saying “GOD JUL” (merry Christmas) to my family members, open a present, eat breakfast and watch the last episode of the annual “Advent Calendar” (an awesome tradition on Swedish TV – every morning they show a 15 minute episode of a Christmas Show. They make a new one every year.)

10:30-14:55: – driving around Skåne (my region) to buy stuff my parents forgot, deliver presents to relatives and stuff like that, picking up some cousins. You know, general important stuff.

14:55-16:00: – watching “Kalle Anka” (Donald Duck), which basically is a collection of “Christmas Wishes” from Disney Movies. It’s tradition to watch this every Christmas at 3 pm. After this, Christmas starts.

16:00-16:14: – dressing up as Santa. Pic is 93 seconds before knocking on the door.

16:14-16:47: – giving out presents as “the American Santa” (I spoke with a Swenglish Swedish accent), then come back as normal Isac, acting sad over missing Santa yet again, and open my gifts. I got a little speaker, so guys in 206 – your dubstep shit will get outnumbered by my Swedish Jazz Rap, mahahaha!!!

16:47-21:00: – eating, socializing, eating, drinking, eating, playing Pictionary, laughing, etcetera.

Here are some food samples:

We see ordinary salad, different kinds of pickled herring, cheese, bread, salmon, “Janssons Frestelse” (weird thing, hard to explain. Google it). Other standard Christmas food is Swedish Meatballs, Sausage, spiced wine, and so on.

There is also a tradition to eat some kind of… rice pudding-ish stuff called “Mannagrynsgröt”. It’s tradition to but a little almond in it, and whoever gets it will get married the next year. However, in our family, the guy who gets it only gets an extra gift and eternal honor. I knew that this would be my year. But no – my grandma won…


I know she cheated. It all makes sense – I mean, she made the pudding and could easily just have not put the almond in there. And then, when everybody lost hope of finding the almond, she puts it in her mouth and yells “I got the almond, bitches!!!!!”. I know she cheated.

WELL WELL!, that’s basically my Christmas day. Oh, we also went to church at midnight.

Here are some random pictures from the evening, but I’ll say so long! Good bye my dear, non existent readers. And – almost forgot. Mr. Augustana is coming up, and this Christmas food won’t really be in my advantage for the competition… But whatever – I’ll just try to win with my charm… rakor malmo morfar nubbe gran

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  1. Thanks for the photos! Looks like good food and fun people! Especially your grandmother.

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